Monday, February 9, 2009

Sock Dolls

I went to the Stitch + Cretaive Craft show at the GMEX (yes I know they call it Manchester Central now ;) but I think it'll always be the GMEX to me) on saturday with my friend Jan. It covers knitting stitching as well as cardmaking. But we didn't enjoy it as much as usual. there are far too many stalls now selling non-craft stuff, such as clothes and handbags. Also I think they'd given exhibitors less space as it was extrememly crowded and not pleasant fighting your way down the aisles. And as with some of the shows the seating in the food area was totally inadequate. Why on earth can't they have stacks of fold-up chairs round the perimeter agghh!
Anyway enough moaning! I bought very little which was a big help in my attempt to spend less this year. I did buy a book on Sock Dolls and yesterday my granddaughter wanted to make one! So together we made this rabbit. We did use some socks of mine but I think if I make any more I'll buy new socks as old ones are either discoloured or full of bobbles/pills whatever you call them x

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow in Ossett

2 piccies from my verandah this morning. It looks lovely while it's like this, I just hate it when it gets icy - extremely hazardous.
I'm looking forward to the Stitch & Creative Crafts show in Manchester this weekend :) - Just hope the snow clears so the trains will run!!
Ooh I really really want some Cadbury's mini Creme Eggs right now!