Monday, May 9, 2011

Doll Making Playday

I've previously mentioned several of us like-minded crafters get together once a month to play.  Ann really wanted to have a go at making a cloth doll and I found one in my collection that I thought would be suitable for beginners.  Why is that things that look simple very rarely are!  Her arms and hands are incorporated into the body and as Margaret said, she looks as though she needs the loo LOL.  The hands are supposed to be painted but we decided not to bother.  Everyone did splendidly and Jill, our hostess for the day; Friday; had almost completed hers before we left.  I completed mine over the weekend.  Pat's is done now and is fabulous and funky.  As Pat has mentioned on her blog that this is a Tsunami Butterfly Doll, I thought I'd explain.  The designer; Patti Lavalley; designed it a few years ago so people could sell it with the proviso they gave some of the money in aid of the Tsunami in Asia a few years ago.

This fabric paper box is one we started at the last playday.  It originally had 5 sides and closed at the top, but I decided to change the shape and leave it open.  I've gone for 'less is more' with this just adding some machine stitching and beads.  The fabric paper was made with muslin, PVA and tissue paper, then painted when dry.  The box is approx 53/4"x21/2".  The skeletonised hydrangea head is off my hydrangea; I found it in the garden some weeks ago, I think it's lovely.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

365 Journal

April pages completed, May pages prepared.  April's pages have changed :-) - It's too long a boring tale to go into but suffice to say I've ended up using the previous pages and now, what where April's pages, are May's but painted over.