Friday, August 12, 2011

My 15 minutes of fame may be imminent!

I'm not saying any more just now, you'll have to wait till the first week in September haha!  Just one thing though, it's not craft related!

I bought some dance trainers a couple of weeks ago for linedancing.  I only had my ankle boots which had started making my feet ache plus they are on their last legs, well in fact they are past it - new boots this winter (I do have some Uggs though)  The dance trainers are very similar in style to some other trainers but are made specifically for dancing and are very flexible as  you can see here.  I was extrememly lucky as they are £40 or more and I got these for £20 (plus £3 postage) and they're pink too :-)  I know black ones would go with anything but how boring LOL

Monday, August 8, 2011

More fun at Southport and Birthday Stuff

I went to see my son and his girls last week, my other 2 grandkids came with me.  The girls live in Formby, he lives in Southport.  There are a couple of pics of the kids in a park in Formby and DS with his new bike.  He got the bike through Merseyrail, who he works for through a scheme called 'Wheels to Work'.  He only pays £5 a week and less than half the price of the bike which means he could get a really good bike at an affordable price.  We then went into Southport and onto the carousel with the girls love, then the amusement arcade and through the hall of mirrors.  We also hired a little boat for a ride round the lake, all the kids had a turn of being skipper ;-)

Some time ago I showed concertina box files that some friends and I made.  When we did the journalling class with Kate a couple of weeks ago she had something similar but the outer cover was like a book cover.  Some of the 'Ladies Who Lunch' were there and wanted to have a go at making one.  So as I'd done the other one I sorted out how to make the one with the book cover.  When the LWL met up for our monthly playday we did this project.   I forgot I actually had my camera with me or I would've taken pics of what everybody did.  Basically we used a hardback book and took the innards out and made the concertina folder bit.  We didn't have time to decorate the book cover, but I'd already done mine as I thought it would take too long on the day and if I didn't finish it that day it may have ended up being another UFO!  The technique I've used for my book cover I found on Youtub and is one of CapricornArtist73's techniques.  We also made some 'bobbins' mine still have to be embellished.
Pat made me an absolutely beautiful book for my birthday, which was in July and Tracey made me a gorgeous little chipboard 'hangy'.

I bought a new 'toy' from Lidl which I simply love.  It's a Brother Lable Maker, £14.99  This one can do 3 different font sizes and has 4 frames plus an underline facility.  I resisted one of these for a long time as I could do any printing on the PC but it's so handy for card greetings when the PC's not on and DD always wants any cards, she asks me to make, personalised.   I've used it for the 'days' on my 365 pages for August.  Mine has 2 different fonts but for some reason the one Pat bought is slightly different and only has one font and one of the frames is different.
Spent a lovely day in Manchester on Saturday with Suzanne, who is one of my oldest friends.  I treated myself to a vanilla slice in Kendals and bought a lovely long-sleeved black top and a black sleeveless cardi - not a colour I usually go for.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bags, Kate's Workshop plus 365 Journal

I've made to craft bags recently.  The first out of 2 pairs of jeans - I decided just to use the legs which is why it took 2 pairs.  I used the waistband for the handle, I didn't neaten the edges just cut close to the seam.  I've left raw edges all round and had intended to wash it before use to fray the edges more but used it before I had time to wash it.  The 2nd one I used upholstery fabric, I just loved the fabric when I saw it and liked it right up to completing the bag, now I'm not sure.  I like the style though.

A week ago yesterday (is that good grammar?) I attended one of Kate's workshops at Art From The Heart with Pat, there were a couple of other 'Ladies Who Lunch' there too (we meet once a month in Sheffield for a playday).  These are the pages I did there and the workshop was thoroughly enjoyable, Kate is such a good teacher.

Just realised it's now August so hurriedly took a pic of my 365 Journal pages.  The colour of the August pages are more kind of mellow than they look here.