Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunday Stampers - Ripped or Torn

If you like taking part in challenges why not pop over to Hels to find out about the Sunday Stampers challenge.  Each Sunday Hels sets a new challenge based round a song title.  All you need to do is include the theme and some stamping in your artwork, otherwise you're free to do anything you like :o)  The theme this week is 'Ripped or Torn'.  I've made a tag, just for a change LOL.  I've used a piece torn from a book and then coloured the background with DIs.  I've added a flower from my Tim Tattered Florals die, using my brand new Big Shot hehe, and a Stampotique image; her wings are German Scrap. The 'Eyes' stamp is a PaperArtsy mini and the heart is from Dyan's Downloads (afth) Finally added a little bit of doodling each side :o)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOYWW May 25th

Firstly just to say the problems with not being able to leave comments on some blogs has been resolved (I was unable to leave comments on 38 blogs last week!)
Lots of stuff lying round on mine this week but sometimes I think it looks more messy IRL than in a pic.  Main thing is my new Big Shot yay!!!  I was still using the old red Sizzix but had bought some of Tim's new dies not realising they are too wide to fit through the Sizzix.  Got a very good price at Cutting Edge Crafts and at the same time bought the Caged Bird and Hanging Sign dies for a mere £10.99 each - extremely good price :o)  Also on show is what was going to be the front cover for my BIA (Bind-it-all) book but decided that I need a different colour so will save this for something else.  No further on with my effort for WOYWWAC as I've changed my mind about what I'm making, so need to get my skates on now.  I dyed this fabric some time ago but wasn't eally happy with the colour so sprayed it with a couple of Adirondak colour washes then popped it in the mocrowave to help it on it's way.  I got sidetracked and left it a little longer than I should have and this is what happened :-0
 Popping over to the one and only Julia's now to have a peek at other people's desks ;o)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunday Stampers - Red and SS candy I won

The theme for this week's Sunday Stampers challenge is 'Red'.  I've made a card which I stamped using my dots stamp and Barn Door DI.  I cut the flower on the Robo.  The fancy edge on the red card was cut with a MS punch; I sewed the ribbon on a pleated it as I went along then glued some bugle beads on :)
I won the candy Hels had on offer last week for the SS - yahoo! - and this is the fab stuff I got.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'd be grateful for your input

I'm having lots of problems with my PC lately, not just the Blogger ones.  As I've had it 41/2 years now I'm wondering whether it's time to buy a new one.  It's not that I couldn't just go and buy one right now but I don't want to buy one just because it may be easier and I haven't got enough readies to buy a new one just 'cos I want one that's faster/latest thing etc.  But if needs must then I will.  Apart from the Blogger probs I think McAfee has done a major upgrade (I say 'think' 'cos I've not actually heard anything about it but it is behaving differently and looks different when I open it up) And we all know that new versions of software can cause problems.  Whether the new McAfee is causing my Blogger probs or Blogger has bugs that need fixing or whether McAfee is causing me probs (won't run scans successfully, stops partway through) 'cos of other stuff on my PC I don't know.  Can I just install a new hard drive?  Should I just get an external hard drive, back up all my stuff and reinstall from the disc that came with the PC?  I feel just getting other people's input helps to clarify things in my mind, so whatever you think please feel free to express it.  All thoughts will be most gratefully received.
Anne xxx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WOYWW - May 19th

I'm not going to say how quickly these Wednesdays come around 'cos people are saying that all the time hehe
I've gone for an aerial view again this week, I do like them.  (It's ok Paula (who incidentally Pat and I visited on Monday, we all had a lovely time and a good old natter) I didn't hoist myself up to take it)  I've got the pages for my BIA (Bind It All book on the desk as I'm trying to get it completed.  I've had to cover the back of each page with more card due to stitching on quite a few of them.  I decided to get all my scissors out on parade this week - apart from those I use for dressmaking; there's another 4 pairs there!  Though it's not on my workdesk I'm showing a swing thingy that's all ripped so I need to make a new swing thingy.  I've got several projects I'm trying to finish (shh, don't tell Bee about the UFOs) including the first aid box some may remember, but that's not going as I intended.  I'm using spray paint which would be great but unfortunately I didn't rub the box down anywhere near enough but at least the spray paint is providing a more suitable surface for me to adhere some paper onto. And then there's the doll's chair!
Well if you're not already doing it why not join in the great snoop - pop over to the fabulous Julia's gaff and then dive in :) EDITED to explain BIA.  Also if you read this Bee just to say yours is one I can't leave a comment on, but had to say Ann made a wonderful job of the bag.  I was with her when she bought it and told me what it was for ;) Lucky you.
NB If you see my prev post you'll see I'm having probs and have been unable to leave comments on some blogs (strange that it's only some) but I will be visiting everyone ovet the next couple of days so if  there's no comment from me by Saturday you'll know why.  I'm hoping Blogger sorts itself out in a few days, I know they're always working to fix problems.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some blogs I'm unable to comment on

Of the blogs in my sidebar list I am unable to leave comments on the following blogs:
Linda  E, Crafty Chris, Spyder and Gez - I'm sure I will find others; especially tomorrow for WOYWW :-/
I'm still unable to edit page elements so there is at least one out of date blog candy icon there that I can't remove.  I can't edit them from the sidebar or in 'Layout' I've checked Blogger help to no avail I did try one thing from there when I couldn't read comments on here but it didn't work so if anyone can help please please please.  Just to say I'm using Firefox is anyone else using Firefox and having these problems?  When I check out blogger help it appears there are a few people having similar problems so it may be a case of wait and see.  Please don't stop leaving comments though, I am visiting people honest :)
Edited to say I managed to delete the Sunday Stampers blog candy element by editing the HTML code in the template - still doesn't solve the main problem though!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Susie + Vikki's Christmas Club - Stitching

Back on the ball this week for the Christmas Club - I only got as far as thinking about it last week hehe.  The theme this week is Stitching.  I've stitched the pink velvet trim onto the card - stitching's not good but couldn't be bothered trying to sort out the tension, sorry :-/   The stamp was a real bargain from Pollycraft (they still have some stamps in the clearance sale if you're looking for a bargain) The fancy shape was cut on the Robo but I cut the pink layer by hand by drawing round the white one - thought I'd let you know in case it looks wonky LOL.
Blogger is not letting me leave comments on some blogs but is on others, so if I don't leave a comment where I usually would or after you've left me one, blame blogger!!
I've checked out blogger help to no avail.  I am unable to edit page elements either in the side bar or in 'Layout' also so again any ideas would be appreciated xx

Problems with Blogger and PC running extremely slowly

I know some people have been having probs with blogger but is anyone having probs posting comments or reading comments?  I can post on some blogs but not others and yesterday I couldn't read comments on my blog, though that seems resolved at the mo'.  But now I can't edit things in my side bar grrr! Any suggestions would be very welcome.  Also I know PCs slow down over time but mine started running extremely slowly just yesterday, so it hasn't been a gradual thing.  I've looked online for solutions and one of them I tried was to stop certain progs running on startup (things I know I don't need to start such as my Craft Robo) but I was unable to do it - got some message about it being denied, so again any suggestions will be gratefully received :)
While you're here I thought I'd give you something to look at.  I'm making one of these but a bit smaller.  Aren't they fabulous!  I got the link for this from someone else's blog but can't remember whose, so my thanks go to that person (I did leave a thank you on their blog) and like whoever it was I'm stitching my petals rather than glueing to keep the shape.  My pic doesn't do the colour any justice the felt is a beautiful fuschia xx

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunday Stampers - Gold

Check out Hels' blog for the Sunday Stampers weekly challenge.  Each Sunday there's a new theme always based on a song title, this week's theme is 'Gold'.  I've used a tag that I coloured some weeks ago.  I made the gold framey thing by impressing an Anna Griffin stamp into Efa Plast modelling clay which can be cured in the microwave.  I painted it with Lumiere Metallic Gold paint (the colours of these paints are incredible and can be used on fabric).  I stamped a Tim Holtz stamp in the centre and used Rock Candy crackle glaze round the edges.   I've used four flowers each folded in half.  Can't remember whether the metal thingy below the bird is a Tim one or 7 Gypsies
Hels is having another candy giveaway for the Sunday Stampers - see pic in my sidebar :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOYWW - 11th May

For anyone new to this WOYWW stands for 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday' hosted by that wonderful woman Julia.  Wednesday is the day that intrepid bloggers round the globe show what's on their workdesks.
I've got a new cover for my desk ('cos it's soft wood I decided to have a cover) as I was fed up with the other one, this one is a lovely lilac :) As a result my desk is quite tidy this week.  I did take the pic last night just to save a bit of time this morning.  4 pairs of scissors out this week!    I'm working on something for the Sunday Stampers challenge hosted by another wonderful woman, namely Hels.  The messy thing covered in ink and paint is a piece of  plastic which I sometimes use for messy stuff.  At the moment there's a bird on top with a layer of 3D gloss on.  My MS punches now reside in the plastic tub on the right of the desk.  I'm also showing what I'm working on for WOYWWAC (if you're new and haven't read about this yet WOYWW will soon be celebrating it's first anniversary.  Check out Julia's post dated 27th April for more info  I think it's ok to tell you this is fabric paper, made by glueing tissue paper onto muslin,it's been coloured with paint and mica powders.  I'd knocked my tub of ribbons on the floor and as the lid is very loose they all fell out, but as they are just dumped into the tub it's super quick to tidy them up LOL  For those who want to see the AG box lid I madeover last week see the previous post :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunday Stampers - Key

Hels hosts the Sunday Stampers challenge each week.  You can make anything you like so long as it has some stamping and includes the theme.  As you can see this week's theme is Key.  I decided it was time for my Anna Griffin box; which is being used as a scraps box; to have a makeover.  Of course there's a before and after shot.  I've only done the lid so far but will eventually do something with the base.  I painted it with white acrylic paint and mica powders, I also used the paint to stamp the circles, and used stencil relief paste coloured with mica powder for the diamond pattern.  The heart started off as red metal coloured with alcohol inks (the alcohol inks lifted the original colour off which was fine) and embossed partly with a Cuttlebug embossing folder and partly with a plastic rubbing block.  The flower is a fabric one I hand cut and coloured with paint to co-ordinate.  I made the little wire chain using my finger - did you ever do that with knitting yarn?  The key (to my heart) is grungeboard :-)Only noticed after posting that the bottom row of diamond shapes is wonky - heyho :-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WOYWW 5th May

Well it's that time of the week again, time to show what's on your workdesk, what you're working on or just finished, tidy or messy.  If you want to join in pop over and visit that wonderful woman Julia.  Mine is very messy this week.  I haven't tidied stuff since finishing my entry for the Sunday Stampers challenge; not blogged it yet but you can just see a bit of it.  I decided it was time to give my Anna Griffin box a makeover, I've only done the top for SS but will do the bottom too as they don't go together.  I also made a card for Susie + Vikki's Christmas Club (prev post) - don't want to still be making cards on Christmas Eve like last year!  You may be able to see some circles I cut out to use but changed my mind but I did colour and stamp one which is why you can see the back of an old glass chopping thing (can't call it a chopping board I suppose?) which I sometimes use instead of a non-stick mat for ink blending.  There are some paints which I used on the box lid, pinking shears in case you're wondering what the chunky looking scissors are and my MS punches stuck in what is supposed to be my.table bin 'cos now I've got 4 of them they need a new home.  The turquoise on the left is some iridescnet fabric which I've used to cut out some fabric flowers along with other fabrics (used on the card in prev post).  Someone wondered what was in the tin at the back, well it's empty I'm afraid.  It was a project on a weekend workshop in March; I probably will use it to store something - ooh perhaps my MS punches :-)
Off for a snoop at other desks ;-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Susie + Vikki's Christmas Club - Stocking

I decided to join in with Susie + Vikki's Christmas Club challenge as I was still making cards onChristmas Eve last year so decided to avoid that this year.  Why not pop over and then join in, after all making one a week is easy.  There's a different theme set each Saturday, this week's is 'Christmas Sotckings'.  I've used PaperArtsy's Rum + Raisin papers for the background and the stocking and added a fabric flower; hand-cut I might add ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Distressed Tag - Tag It On

I'm joining in the Tag It On challenge over at DragonsDreams this week the theme is 'distress it' and I really have ;)  I've used DIs and Tim's stamps for the background and added a flower and a metal dragonfly which I've also distressed.  I tore the tag a little near top right and added 2 staples.  I distressed it using sandpaper and the edge of scissors.  There's also some Blogaversary Candy up for grabs - see pic in my sidebar :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday all ;)
I've made a birthday card for a very sassy lady (hint hint) which I can't share yet but will give you a sneaky peek :) I cut out some fabric flowers on Thursday and have used some on this card.  Can't wait to get my little mitts on the new Sizzix die-cutting machine when it's launched.  I bought some of Tim's Alterations Dies but hadn't realised they are too wide to go through my old red Sizzix! - the 'On The Edge' dies fit though. Then I'll be able to cut out loads of fabric flowers using the Tattered Florals die!
I had to sew some strips of fabric round the top of the grandkids trampoline net (shown here) as it was all ripped and also some strips of wide elastic for tying it to the poles.  It may not seem much of a job but the trampoline is a 14ft one - you can work out the circumference if you want hehe.  Next job is sewing a basket thing for one of the swings which is all ripped but it looks like we may have to take the whole thing down including the rope.  it won't be easy to sew, someone will have to hold the metal frame while I sew but can only do it by having a seam on the outside of the fabric.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend - nice long weekend for most of those who work ;)
EDITED to include some candy I won from the fabulous Susie  there are 6 each of the cute images