Sunday, May 16, 2010

Problems with Blogger and PC running extremely slowly

I know some people have been having probs with blogger but is anyone having probs posting comments or reading comments?  I can post on some blogs but not others and yesterday I couldn't read comments on my blog, though that seems resolved at the mo'.  But now I can't edit things in my side bar grrr! Any suggestions would be very welcome.  Also I know PCs slow down over time but mine started running extremely slowly just yesterday, so it hasn't been a gradual thing.  I've looked online for solutions and one of them I tried was to stop certain progs running on startup (things I know I don't need to start such as my Craft Robo) but I was unable to do it - got some message about it being denied, so again any suggestions will be gratefully received :)
While you're here I thought I'd give you something to look at.  I'm making one of these but a bit smaller.  Aren't they fabulous!  I got the link for this from someone else's blog but can't remember whose, so my thanks go to that person (I did leave a thank you on their blog) and like whoever it was I'm stitching my petals rather than glueing to keep the shape.  My pic doesn't do the colour any justice the felt is a beautiful fuschia xx


Crafty Chris said...

sorry Anne cant help with the computer apart from what you have done already, or clearing your temp files, love the petals cant wait to see the flower.
Christine x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I tried to add a blog site to my blogroll yesterday and I kept getting nothing. It wouldn't allow me to save the link. I finally shut my computer off and restarted. It doesn't sound like that will help you, but it did my problem.

Love the dahlia. Lost me with hand sewing, though (grin).

Paula Gale said...

Hi Anne - i've been having probs with a slow laptop over the last few days too... I got rid of some stuff that was installed when it belonged to my son - that freed up quite a bit of memory. I have a silhouette and that is on my start up to - i think it auto installs it to that - but why on earth - i don't know.

Have you installed any microsoft updates recently - sometimes if you allow it to install the updates this might help - but while its doing them it will run slow. I know how frustrating it is and hope you sort it out soon.

Love the dahlia - I saw this too a short time ago but it looks too ambitious for me.

Paula x x x

Cardarian said...

Hi Anne! I have problems with blogger too, make sure you have back ups of stuff you have on your computer - laptop! If it is working slow there could be lots of reasons - one of them is it could be saying goodbye! I can't help you much though because everything that has to do with my computers is done by my daughters boyfriend!
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog!