Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday Stampers 75 + 76

I'm posting 2 weeks entires for SS as I only finished the one for week 75 last Saturday but didn't manage to upload the piccie. The theme for 75 was 'Messages and Bottles'. I had a sheet of transparent bottles but couldn't find them at first and then when I did it took a while to decide what to do. The bird is from the Tim H Urban Tapestry set and the floral stamp is from Tim's 'Fairytale Frenzy' set. The theme for this week's is Halloween - what else? :) I used some background paper with the spider's web and added colour with distress ink, I used the grungy kind of background stamp from the Urban Tapestry set and Anna Griffin stamps for the 'Boo'. The cat is watching those birds with interest LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Check out Julia's blog for more on this! On mine are several things I'm working on - a fabric bird (the brown thing) the feathers are for his head; a front cover for a journal; and my entry for this week's Sunday Stampers which this week has a Halloween theme :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well What is On Your Workdesk this Wednesday? This is mine - I was making some more Christmas cards yesterday and had put most of the stuff away but fancied doing a bit of stramping. I'd intended doing some sewing today but haven't had time. Check out Julia's blog for more. The red thing with the black skull and crossbones is my grandson's Grungeboard bracelet which he painted, I attached the skull. It's now just waiting for a fastener ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunday Stampers 74

'Circles' is the theme this week for Hels regular Sunday Stampers challenge. I love this challenge 'cos you can do anything you want so long as it contains some stamping ;) This effort is my 3rd attempt and I'm still not too sure about it. Perhaps I should have given up and done something else but I did like the silver embossing on the blue background paper. Looking at it here I feel the flower needs 'something' just don't know what - perhaps glossy accents, or maybe I should have embossed the whole thing, I think it needs to be shiny or glittery :) I love the stamp I've used with silver embossing powder, it's 'Flourishing Ivy' by Innovative Stamp Creations; which I bought from Scrapz at a very reasonable price :) x

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's that time of week again over at WOYWW My new workdesk is now in it's new home :) There are still things to sort out but I've sorted the bulk of my stuff out. I've been sorting some ribbons out putting them onto some ribbon tags - template kindly provided by Dan though the green thing you can see on my desk is also going to hold ribbons once I've finished it and punched some holes in. The pile of cardborad is to make music flashcards for my grandkids. They do know what the notes are but it's to help them recognise them more quickly instead of remembering whether 'all cows eat grass' relates to the left hand or right hand notes LOL It's such a good job I mentioned that actually 'cos I've only just realised that when I do the flashcards it will be a good idea to put on either a treble clef or bass clef with each note :-/ (for those who don't know the treble clef denotes right hand notes and bass clef the left hand) I could just say to them whether I want the note for the left or right hand; but it hadn't occurred to me before! hehehe The circular thing is a CD and is what I'm working on for Hels challenge this week x

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wordbook templates - GSD and JPEG

I've made 2 wordbook templates for use with my Robo :
These are just to show you the files - I won't actually be using these, I'd cut a few out before 'perfecting' (not that I'm really claiming they are PERFECT lol) the files and didn't want to waste more card. I've outlined them with black marker so it shows up better.
If you'd like a copy of either file please email me at as I don't know how to put them on my blog for downloading :-/
Anne :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Wish

Linda set the challenge for October's aussiedares. The theme was 'I Wish'. I bought 4 canvasses for £4.99 from 'The Works' a few weeks ago and was inspired to use one for this. This is the first time I've joined in but hopefully it won't be the last. The canvasses are just slightly bigger than A4. I painted the background with Sunset Gold and Halo Blue gold Lumiere metallic acrylic paint by Jacquard. I used a crackle medium in places. I stamped the bird; from Tim's Urban Tapestry set; I also used the flowers from this set on 2 of the corners of the canvas. I added a few micro beads and some gold net. The words I printed off and transferred using a gel medium. Unfortunately as the surface wasn't very absorbent they haven't really melded onto the canvas, I didn't want to rub too hard after wetting the letters as I thought they may come off altogether, but I liked the look I was left with and just added some glitter and 3D gloss.


This is what's on my workdesk this Wednesday

- see WOYWW, well what is on it is one coat of varnish, though as I'm writing it has had a 2nd coat :) As I said before because of the supporting legs on my wall-mounted shelving I couldn't push the my old computer desk back up to the radiator. The intention was to get some wood/MDF/Contiboard or such but I couldn't get a piece deep enough plus it would have entailed getting DD's partner to cut slots in to fit round those supporting legs and the I needed some new shelves for underneath. So to make life easier (for me and DD's OH, as they are in the throes of sorting out their living room) I bought a new worksurface which looks suspiciously like a table! But at least it will fit between those legs and while it's not as wide as the computer desk it is deeper. I've also bought; and put together; a metal file cabinet from Ikea (which was very easy to assemble) to go next to the table and on which I can sit my TV and another set of drawers to go under the table. I've sorted out more of my craft stuff and brought down 2 sets of plastic drawers which now live in the understairs cupboard in the kitchen - I just need to find somewhere for the coats, scarves and 3 pairs of boots that have been ousted. As the walk-in wardrobe in my bedroom now houses my fabric stash and the wardrobe in the spare room, which I use, is full, I need to put up a small hanging rail in the walk-in wardrobe!