Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is what's on my workdesk this Wednesday

- see WOYWW, well what is on it is one coat of varnish, though as I'm writing it has had a 2nd coat :) As I said before because of the supporting legs on my wall-mounted shelving I couldn't push the my old computer desk back up to the radiator. The intention was to get some wood/MDF/Contiboard or such but I couldn't get a piece deep enough plus it would have entailed getting DD's partner to cut slots in to fit round those supporting legs and the I needed some new shelves for underneath. So to make life easier (for me and DD's OH, as they are in the throes of sorting out their living room) I bought a new worksurface which looks suspiciously like a table! But at least it will fit between those legs and while it's not as wide as the computer desk it is deeper. I've also bought; and put together; a metal file cabinet from Ikea (which was very easy to assemble) to go next to the table and on which I can sit my TV and another set of drawers to go under the table. I've sorted out more of my craft stuff and brought down 2 sets of plastic drawers which now live in the understairs cupboard in the kitchen - I just need to find somewhere for the coats, scarves and 3 pairs of boots that have been ousted. As the walk-in wardrobe in my bedroom now houses my fabric stash and the wardrobe in the spare room, which I use, is full, I need to put up a small hanging rail in the walk-in wardrobe!


Linda Elbourne said...

It all sounds fabulous ... and who needs out door clothing ... with such a fabulous craft area ... well you can just stay in all winter and craft :0)

Angie said...

Here Here to lindas comment ...had to laugh at the 'coat of varnish' remark on your post

Julia Dunnit said...

Love it, made me laugh! And oh the htings we do to make it easier..and now you've had to change things in three rooms! It'll be worth it!

Susie Sugar said...

Well thats the tidiest I have ever seen if only we could start with a desk like this everymorning
See you next Wednesday
Hugs Susie xx

Tracey said...

Wow Anne you have been busy.