Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I found out about WOYWW or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday at Linda's where there's a link to here. I've decided to put two piccies on today as strictly speaking thold computer desk is my workdesk but I'm waiting to get some contiboard to make a larger worksurface only 'cos the desk can't be pushed back to the wall (well radiatior) due to supporting legs on the shelves - I didn't want to trust the weight of craft stuff just to the wall screws :-/ So I'm using my kitchen table for crafting, sewing, eating, sorting through paperwork etc. Much of the stuff on the workdesk was on the table but I moved it to make way to sort through some paperwork. Theoretically I'm still sorting my craft stuff out, but I've been doing that for about 18 months. I do promise myself though that when I get my new worksurface and some shelves for the desk I will sort it out and use it to work at!! So I've got 2 messy worksurfaces LOL


Linda Elbourne said...

It is great to see your work desk[s] ... I love having a nose ... My desk is actually a luxury pasting table ... only cost 21.99 ... maybe that would suit your needs too :0)

yvonne said...

Perfect work space , just what it should look like .. LOVED ..

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Anne how lovley to see your WOYWW! Impressive too - a basic grey fan, and what's the flowery red/orangfe work in progress...and love that 'theoretically' you're still sorting craft stash...!! Read my last two blog posts...gotta borrow that word - theoretically!!!!
Do it again next week huh?