Wednesday, April 3, 2013

365 Journal and Easter Eggs

Not much to say about these.  If you want to join in or see more pop over to Kate's
My daughter asked me if I wanted a large Lindt egg or some small bits like a bag of mini eggs and a bag of mini creme eggs, I said I'd have the small ones.  This is what she bought:
haha.  I have to say I've only eaten a creme egg (which I ate before I took this), one layer of the M&S chocs and 1 layer of the M&S 'Operetta' chocs [and as you can see they're not huge boxes :-)] - these are like Ferrero Rocher only taste much better; they are yummy whereas FR are the most boring chocs I've ever tasted!

I've been using my phone to take photos for months as my camera broke.  I wasn't going to bother getting a new one as I felt the phone was sufficient for my needs but there have been occasions when I've wanted to zoom in on something which I can't do with my phone - you can zoom into the pic once you've taken it.  Anyway I discovered Asda had a sale on and decided to buy this.  It was only £42.14 plus postage - bargain!  This is the Powershot A2300 my previous one was Powershot SD1000 and cost just under £100 I think (can't remember exactly).