Saturday, December 3, 2011

365 Journal and other stuff

I tried to be early with my posting but for some reason I couldn't upload the pics from my camera on Thursday.  Luckily it worked ok today.  November's completed.  December's pages are a bit messy looking but I like them.  Check out Kate's blog for more info.

I made a fabric house a couple of weeks ago; I used mountboard as the base.  I added some wadding under the fabric, and the inside is lined with felt.

The birds aren't finished yet, they won't be having legs, but I'll most likely put ribbon on to hang them up.  The threads you can see on the face mark the position for the eyes (had to put some masking tape underneath to help them stand.
Yesterday was our monthly playday in Sheffield.  Most of us made a wreath and they all turned out really well thanks to Jill's tutoring (no blog for Jill).  Mine's changed slightly as it had a red raffia bow on yesterday but DD didn't like it so I made one out of hessian.  I've had to hang it on the wall as I don't see any easy way to hang it on a UPVC door. 
Here's a link to the rest of them Ann