Wednesday, May 1, 2013

365 Journal and stuff

It's that time again - time to show our journals.  Pop over to Kate's to see more, or if you're new to this, find out more :-D  I only noticed when cropping May's that I'd missed the bottom portion of the page :-/

A friend asked me to make another Wood Nymph and a doll's chair for her granddaughter.  The second picture shows the doll better I think.

My grandson was allowed to look after these 2 cuties for a couple of weeks - they've gone back to the farm (mostly hens) where he helps out now.   They're Indian Runner Ducks.

He's only 11 but when he went with his dad to buy some chicks some months ago he said he'd like to work there so his mum got him to ring up himself to ask :-)  This is him at the farm; looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - don't be fooled haha.  And then him winning bronze at a National Karate Championship in February.