Saturday, September 1, 2012

366 Journal, doll and cakes

Firstly my completed pages for August.  If you're new to the 365 Journal (366 for this leap year) challenge pop over to Kate's to see more.

Next up my prepared pages for September - a little blurred.  I had to take all these pics with my Nokia phone as my camera isn't working.  For some reason the Sept pages have turned out blurred, I did take the picture twice and both times it was blurred so I'm leaving it as is.

It was my birthday in July and I went for lunch with a couple of friends, this is the huge meringue I had for dessert - it measured approx 6" high; now that's what I call a dessert :-D

Then we have some cupcakes I made for my granddaughter's birthday, the butter icing's a bit wonky on some but they all go down the same hehe.  Some have glittery pink sugar on which doesn't show up very well.

It was another of my granddaughter's birthday in August and I made her this Wood Nymph - pattern by Julie McCullough.  Her face isn't brilliant but is actually better IRL than it looks here.
In case you're wondering why the writing on my table cover is back to front it's because the colours are reversed on this side and I like to have a change.   My son bought this for me when he lived in California for some years.  Not sure what it's purpose actually is but I like to see it so use it on my table.  The design; of cats; is by Laurel Burch for those who may be interested.