Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Susie & Vikki's Christmas Club - Gingerbread

The theme for this week for the CC is Gingerbread. As I had nothing gingerbready I cut out my own gingerbread 'person' hehe - don't want to offend the PC police ;)
Thanks for looking ;)

Sunday Stampers 88 - Squares

My entry for this weeks SS over at Hels' place is a card. The theme this week is 'Squares'. I've used squares of paper/card as layers including a scalloped square and square buttons as embellies. I also made a square stencil on the Robo to ink through to create the background on the card.
Thanks for looking ;)


Time for WOYWW again. If you'd like to know more pop over to Julia's blog to find out. It's all good fun :) Mine's quite tidy this week, but it never gets tidied completely! Nothing exciting on there but I did sort out all the offcuts that were on top of the AG box - though there are now some Robo diecuts on top of it'
Edited to show the 'silly hat'. As you can see Linda, no it's not just you wearing the silly hat LOL

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well what is on your workdesk this Wednesday? If you'd like to show find out about it on Julia's blog :) Nothing much has moved on mine since last week. The large storage box was on the floor but had to be moved when I had to clean said floor - yikes! Not one of my fave jobs but sometimes it has to be done! As it involved moving more than one item in order to put the box in it's rightful place I settled for putting on the desk as there was a clear space at the time :) Though the bag wasn't on my regular workdesk it was on my sometime workdesk AKA the kitchen table, which I use when I'm sewing. I made 2 music bags for my grandkids as we'd been using a plastic wallet to carry the music books. My granddaughter, Robyn, wanted a 'proper' bag after seeing her friend's. The sparkly foil is actually pink but looks orange here :-/ The fabric is silver leather-look which I've also used for Lewis. They didn't have any other decent colours in this fabric and I thought he'd like the silver but can't help feeling it looks a bit girly - I have put a skull and crossbones on his though hehe.
I've edited this now to include Lewis's bag as I hadn't previously put the music notes on :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Club Challenge - Snow

Susie + Vikki have started a Christmas Club weekly challenge to help us get organised for Christmas :) I'm joining in 'cos I'd already decided to start my cards early this year so hopefully I'll be all done with the cards well before Christmas eve unlike 2009! the theme for this week is 'snow'
Thanks for looking ;)

Sunday Stampers week 87 - Happy Birthday

The theme for the Sunday Stampers challenge this week over at Hels is Happy Birthday. As the challenge has been going for 2 years now Hels is celebrating by giving away some fab candy, kindly donated by Jennie I've used a lovely cupcake image which I've coloured using Promarkers. I used my Cuttlebug 'Mesh' embossing folder on the light green card (if you use the reverse of this it's more like snakeskin).
Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WOYWW (What's on your workdesk Wednesday)

It's that day again ;) If you'd like to find out more visit Julia's blog and then join in :) Mine's a complete mess this week :O I've been making Christmas cards - don't normally start them early but as I was still busy on Christmas Eve, which included making a few last minute cards for DD, I decided I'd get the cards out of the way and hopefully can sit with my feet up on Christmas Eve this year :) I've decided to adopt the 'desk bin' though my ice-cream tub bin is unadorned as yet. I usually have a carrier bag over the back of my chair but the bin is much more convenient. You can see I've still got the 'off-cut box' with off-cuts still piled on top; I'm sure I'll get round to sorting them out eventually :-/ The Christmas cards on the desk are waiting for greetings the others I've made so far live in the basket at the back right of the desk where I put finished cards. I thought I'd show one of the stocking cards I've made. It's very simple but of course could be decorated and embellished to within an inch of it's life. I drew the shape myself - 'so what' you may say! Well, I say I cannot draw, except very basic shapes so anything I draw that I think looks reasonable deserves a mention. Hehe. Most of the time when using ribbon I fold it in half and cut at an angle, to give a 'v' shape, which gives a nice finish to the edge of the ribbon I think.
Thanks for looking ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stampers - 86 + 85

The theme for the Sunday Stampers challenge over at Hel's place is 'Feet'. I've made a card for this. I was a little late with last weeks so am posting it also. The theme was 'Faces' and I decided to use a Plaster of Paris mask I made years ago, but which lay half-forgotten in a box. It had been painted but i didn't like what I'd done so painted over it. It was very difficult to stamp on but I did manage a bit of stamping which turned out ok, and put a mask on but I wasn't happy with it overall. After giving it a couple of coats of gesso and a few coats of paint I decided it may be better to use the napkin decoupage technique. I coloured a paper napkin with Ecoline inks and then stamped and embossed some images. I used Mod Podge gloss to adhere the napkin and also to seal it.
Thanks for looking ;)

Christmas Cards All Year Round

This is the first time I've taken part in this - check here if you'd like to join in :)
I'd already decided to steal a march on Christmas this year - the only other time I've done it is by buying cards in the January sales in the days before I made my own cards ;) Although I'd already made a start on my cards I thought I'd join in here as it's a good way to get ideas if you're stuck!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WOYWW + woyww ;)

Firstly WOYWW check out Julia's blog to find out more and join in - it's good fun :)
On my desk this week is my version of a Viking Cross. I'm a member of York Dolly Birds which is a cloth doll group, we mainly make cloth dolls but do a variety of other stuff too. One of our members works at the Jorvik Viking Centre Museum and as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year she thought it would be good if we made items to go on display. I chose to do the cross shown here. I'm showing the 'before' and 'after' though it isn't quite finished as I added new eyes this morning and more beads round the face and have yet to go over them with my silver leaf pen. I'd used silver paint initially but it wasn't silvery enough. Also on my desk is a Plaster of Paris mask I did years ago which has lain half-forgotten in a box. As Hel's Sunday Stampers theme for this week is Faces I thought I'd resurrect it' I didn't like what I'd done yesterday so she's been partly sanded ready to be adorned again. The 'woyww' in the title refers to 'What's Outside Your Window Wednesday' 'cos I thought I'd show you the view of the snow from my desk ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sundays Stamper 84 - Believe

The theme for Sunday 20th Dec was 'Believe' and 'cos of Christmas Hel's let it run for 2 weeks. I'm a bit late with mine :-/ I've just done a simple card and now I've scanned it I think the flower's too big but no time to change it just now! Check out Hel's blog for this long-running challenge. While you're there have a nosey round; you'll see some fab works of art ;)