Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WOYWW + woyww ;)

Firstly WOYWW check out Julia's blog to find out more and join in - it's good fun :)
On my desk this week is my version of a Viking Cross. I'm a member of York Dolly Birds which is a cloth doll group, we mainly make cloth dolls but do a variety of other stuff too. One of our members works at the Jorvik Viking Centre Museum and as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year she thought it would be good if we made items to go on display. I chose to do the cross shown here. I'm showing the 'before' and 'after' though it isn't quite finished as I added new eyes this morning and more beads round the face and have yet to go over them with my silver leaf pen. I'd used silver paint initially but it wasn't silvery enough. Also on my desk is a Plaster of Paris mask I did years ago which has lain half-forgotten in a box. As Hel's Sunday Stampers theme for this week is Faces I thought I'd resurrect it' I didn't like what I'd done yesterday so she's been partly sanded ready to be adorned again. The 'woyww' in the title refers to 'What's Outside Your Window Wednesday' 'cos I thought I'd show you the view of the snow from my desk ;)


Linda Elbourne said...

You are just too bloomin clever by half Mrs! And fit ... line dancing ... are you mad ... best I can to is to walk in a line *LOL*

Dolores said...

What a great doll. Very creative.

Julia Dunnit said...

WOW to your WOYWW! That doll is amazing, you're very clever. Loved your comment about the Impetric discussion, I think we're all basically the same person! Your garden looks pretty. Pretty cold!

Chrissie said...

These dolls are great Anne, I'm most husband and I had a great visit to the Jorvik museum a few years ago,I'm sure people will love to see them.
Your desk looks disgustingly tidy!!! I can't help being messy. I spend most of my time looking for something that I've just put down on the desk and can't find amongst the clutter!
Nice to see the view from your window too. I've included a pic of my back garden on my blog!

Wipso said...

You are so clever. That doll is wonderful.
As a reply to your comment on my blog...I have an industrial sewing machine which happily sews anything so no clever needles were needed to sew the waxed jacket.
A x

Artyjen said...

Fabb art doll....we had a smattering of snow this morning but has all gone now....keep warm!

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Ooo I like the crosses very cool. Nice snow pics too. Thank you for popping by my blog.
I usually am spread out all around me floor too, but I've had a small tidy! One day you'll see me at my full messy state!!

Kaz said...

Oh now there's a completely different project on the go here. It looks amazing xx

Linby said...

wow that is creative and I am sure visitors will be keen to see it at the centre, how nice to be able to make a contribution.

Pam said...

The doll looks fab even in its unfinish state, your very clever and the view from you windo is fab.

Hugs Pam

Susie Sugar said...

That view is lovely Anne and thats doll is fabby
Hugs Susie xx

Tracey said...

Fabberooney Anne, you are clever and sooo imaginative.
Have not crafted for about 3 weeks and my desk is very tidy, am struggleing with a full week back at work and have spent most of my evenings asleep on the sofa, ha, ha, ha.