Monday, June 6, 2011

Long time no see!

Hi folks, in case you're interested I haven't really had the inclination to upload and sort my photos for a while.  I've been online on and off, but no blog-hopping.
First up are my 365 Journal pages for May and June.

Next are some fairy shoes we made at the doll group in May - well started in May completed at home.  The intention is to make a doll at some point to fit the shoes!

Lastly a pic of my thumb after I tried to chop the end off with the guillotine!  Luckily the blades on those are quite thick so didn't do a s much damage as it would otherwise.  I really must learn to keep my thumb well in, as I did just catch it once before!  See that dry skin!  It's not so bad now :-)