Monday, October 1, 2012

366 Journal

Still in it and up-to-date!  If  you want to know more about this challenge pop over to Kate's blog.  Not much to say.  After colouring Oct pages; I can't remember what with as I did them some time ago; I added white paint through 2 stencils and used up an old sheet of 12x12 paper for the daily squares.

I was asked to make another of the Woodland Nymph dolls with a pink/cream colour scheme.  I've promised my youngest granddaughter one for her birthday, which is this month, too and I think I'll have had enough of making them!!

NOT DUE TO FLOODS read below
I went to see '42nd Street' at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford with a couple of other ladies from the tap dance class, it was a fantastic production - lots of tap dancing; if you don't know the show.  It was the Curry Festival that weekend so I took a pic.  The fountains were on (are they fountains if they are spurts of water coming out of holes in the ground)?  There's a dip in the ground to contain the water but no wall round.  There were quite a few kids having great fun getting wet.  You can see some of the stalls in the background where you could buy curry dishes.  Bradford was crowned the Curry Capital of Great Britain in 2011.