Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snow, snow, thick thick snow

We've had a lot of snow here - it may not seem a lot compared with other countries or even other parts of the UK but it's a lot for us.  It started last Thursday night, continued all day Friday and part of Saturday.  We ended up with about 6".  It did stop for a few days but we had a bit yesterday and it's snowing now.  I hope it doesn't carry on as I go line dancing Wednesday evenings but if it snows too heavily I won't be going in case I can't get out of the car park :-/
The picture on the left was taken Friday evening, the one on the right taken Saturday morning (don't take notice of the snow on the chair as it has a cushion on so looks more).

I made this vase from a liquid detergent bottle :-D  I roughed the surface up then glued on crumpled tissue paper and a bit of scrim using Mod Podge gloss (I just found the gloss first, but matte would work as well).  This was then coloured with paint and rubbed over with Metallic Rub-Ons.  The little squares are done using gel medium through a stencil, I added a little bit of metallic paint to some of the squares.  I added more Mod Podge over the whole surface to seal it.  The vase measures 7.5"x5".

I'm trying to clear some items waiting for repair/completion.  This cardi had a large ladder next to the seam on the sleeve, there was no way to just sew it up as the ladder was quite wide but I didn't want to throw the cardi out.  I bought some lace to cover it but had to over-stitch the ladder by putting a piece of thin wool (from another cardigan I bought from a charity shop to felt) underneath and stitching over, then added the lace.  I've added some lace to the other sleeve to tie it in. Sorry the pic's a bit blurred.

I also completed a skirt I started a few years ago for one of my granddaughters but it got stuck in a box and forgotten about - out of sight out of mind describes me very well haha.  It only needed the top turning over and some elastic putting in.  Of course it won't fit my either of my youngest granddaughters now so I've passed it on to another family member.
A pair of collared doves that have been visiting my garden for a couple of years at least.  This was taken through the kitchen window.  I do have a couple of hanging bird feeders but rigged this up so I can watch the birds from the kitchen.  It's a plant pot with an ice-cream tub, with holes in the bottom, wedged in.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

365 Journal and More

March was ready a week ago but I just didn't get round to photographing it.  The intention was to put some daffodils on March's page and I may yet do that.  Pop over to Kate's if you've not visited her before for more 365 Journals and also to see some of Kate's fantastic work.  February's colour looks very different from the pic I posted last month :-/  This is more true to life.
Some weeks ago Pat and I went to the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts show at Event City Manchester.   We met up with Christine; who we first met at a show in the GMEX, Manchester a couple of years ago (now Manchester Central but I'm stubbornly sticking to GMEX), we just got chatting to her, as you do ;-) and Jo who I'd also met before.  Jo was there with her lovely friendly hubby and she got him to take a few pics.  The other lady in the pic is another Ann who is a friend of Jo's.  Left to right is Jo, Christine, Pat and me, with the other Ann behind Pat.

At the doll group (though we actually do much more than make dolls) we are doing some art journalling, one of our members who is very much into art journalling and steampunk art is doing a workshop with us.  Here's a page out of mine. 
 We all have a theme, mine's quotes which I need to start collecting!  To see more pop over to