Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cards - A mix of cards

Here are some cards I've made recently. I love the girl stamps from Dimension Fourth which I got at the Papercraft show in Harrogate last weekend. I had intended buying a couple of High School Musical stamps from Oyster Stamps but they had forgotten to bring them. I may still buy one as I need a nice 'boy' stamp. The baby boy card is made with the fab 'Hugs' stamp by Rachel Anne Miller x

Sunday Stampers - Bees

This is my effort for this weeks I only have the tiny bee stamp. I decided to make a card this week as I'm trying to build up a stash of ready-made ones. Thanks for looking ;-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Altered Art - PG Tips box

Have altered a PG Tips box for a challenge on I don't know how to upload it onto the forum - have put it in my photobucket but can't get it from there :-/ I've been able to do that with other people's images but don't seem to have the html code to do it with this. No doubt it's very simple, like me lol

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In My Pocket - Watch

Well, it's taken me ages to do this 'cos I either dropped an inked stamp onto the work, got ink on from my fingers that I couldn't disguise or just didn't like what I'd done. Though the theme is 'Watches' most of my design seems to be about dragonflies :-/ but actually I was thinking along the lines of the 'Butterfly counts moments not months' thing (yes I know mine's a dragonfly but probably lives an even shorter time than the butterfly - does anyone know?) and was going to print that out but decided I should have printed that onto the card I'd coloured first before stamping. Anyway just decided I'd stamp the 'moments' bit of that lol.

Now why do they look like this? One is the outside of the pocket the other the inside so should be the same width but the inside one obviously should look longer :-/ I'm confused. I scanned them and reduced the size by the same ratio.

Sunday Stampers - Clowns

I've done my contribution for the Sunday Stampers challenge this week. I only had a 'Pierrot Doll' stamp and copied some info about Commedia dell'Arte which I used for the background. I'd coloured the paper with Distress inks: Milled Lavender, Tattered Rose and Warm Lipstick before printing onto it. The hat is from Lost Coast Designs, Party Hats Two Set. x

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Craft Shows - Papercrafts Extravaganza

Went to the Papercrafts Extravaganza on Saturday with 2 friends and had a lovely day. Spent more than I intended, but isn't that what us crafters always do :-O I was awake till after 3.30 on the Friday night and after picking my friends up - one at Wyke - I found the round-trip tiring on top of the lack of sleep. I usually try out any new stamps I've bought at shows but as of yet I haven't even taken my stuff out of the bag!! Not like me at all. Today I went to the cloth doll group I'm in which is in York and though it's not that far I think after yesterday it's just added to the fatigue. When I got home, after the grandkids had practised piano (it's in my house), I had a little lie down. So it looks like I won't even look over my stash till tomorrow :-O
After looking through a book on cloth dolls, belonging to the lady that runs the doll group, I've been inspired to make some wire dolls - wire armature wrapped in wadding then fabric. So watch this space.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Stash - Flora Doodles

Ooh bought some fabby Flora Doodles from JS they come in little boxes but I've taken a few out of each to show here. I returned something to QVC. I thought I'd paid using my Switch card but had in fact used my credit card which I'd paid off so was now in credit, which I used to buy the FDs :) I'm going to the Papercrafts Extravaganza in Harrogate tomorrow, then the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch show, also in Harrogate, at the beginning of Oct then I'm on a self-imposed spending ban :-/

Houses - More houses for the swap I'm in

I've finished my houses for the swap, not entirely sure about some, but not unhappy with them either. x

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Stampers - Alphabet Street

Well as it's Sunday again it's another SS challenge over at Ink on My Fingers . This week Dan is the guest designer and he has chosen the theme 'Alphabet Street' I've kept mine simple. You know how it goes sometimes you think your work just needs something extra and then you spoil it. Though I love the saying I've seen which says 'Less is only more, when more is not enough lol - I quite agree - but in this instance I decided 'Less IS more' ;-)
I used Versamagic Aspen Mist and Aegean Blue for the background and Adirondak Stained Glass for the alphabet. I overstamped with a poppy by using the Versamagic then used Rub 'n' Buff Pearl Blue round the edge of the tag (though it doesn't really show here).

Tags and ATC

I'm a member of SSP Guild and as part of the registration package we received to sets of stamps. I've finally used some of them to make 3 tags. I've also made an ATC using the 'bleach' method but wasn't happy with it, so overstamped the bleached-out areas. I'm still not sure about it but thought I'd post it anyway - someone may like it as we all have different tastes lol
Hmm, the tags are the same size but I scanned the purpley one but photographed the other 2 and even though I reduced the size of all images it's strange that looks bigger

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I've joined a 'Houses' challenge, I've been wanting to do some for ages and apart from a Birdhouse I did for a challenge on Hel's blog Ink on My Fingers, these are my first ;-)

In My Pocket - Star

Hel's Ink on My Fingers In My Pocket challenge this week is 'Star' I've done 2 as I wasn't sure about the first one (with the nursery rhyme), though I quite like it now


Friday, September 12, 2008

Cards - Recent cards

I couldn't sleep last night so was on here about 3.30am this morning :-O I was going to post some cards I made recently but by the time I'd sorted out the Javablu award and read and forwarded some emails I decided to leave the cards till later. I still couldn't sleep and was awake till after 6am, then woke up a couple of hours later, then agan about an hour later, then was finally woken up at 10.45 by something that sounded like an alarm of some sort, but whatever it was was in transit as it faded.

Just a little more about what I've been up to before I upload the piccies ;-). I went linedancing on Wed night then tap dancing yesterday morning. When I got home I was feeling tired so had a lazy day watching TV while doing some needlefelting on my tree lol. It's a challenge I'm doing for the cloth doll group I belong to. Some members have finished theirs but mine's got quite a long way to go as the needlefelting is quite time-consuming.

Finally to the cards then - 2 baby boy cards and a handbag card for my great-niece xx

2nd Javablu award

I realised after getting this for the 2nd time that I would need to nominate 5 people so I'm choosing Jan yorkshire jan for being a friend and in praise of her wonderful knitted bunnies (she's a dab-hand at cake-making too), Wilma Craftygran 'cos she makes me laugh, Andrea Andrea's and Hels Ink on My Fingers to counteract the nasty comments they got on their blogs and Tracey Ickle Northerner for being a friend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2 awards in 1 day wow!

Linda very kindly nominated me for the same award!

My first award, yay!

Have just received an award from my ickle friend Tracey - Unfortunately as I'm still new to this blogging lark the only way I can show it is by attaching a pic to this post :-/ I need to find out how to do it properly. I now have to nominate 5 other peeps to receive this award. I'm going to nominate some people whose work I admire, some I may only have discovered recently. There are so many I've seen over time that are wonderful. I nominate Hels -, Linda , Joy, Dan apart from enjoying his work I want to thank him for his Free Templates - and Godelieve - doesn't know me but I've had her blog in my faves for a long time, and nobody said I couldn't nominate someone I don't know)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Stampers - Home

Hels 'Sunday Stampers' challenge this week is 'Home' I decided to do a bird (home) house. Hope you like it ;-)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

In My Pocket - Art

This is my first 'In My Pocket' - a regular challenge set by Hels: fairly happy with the outside, but unsure about the inside. However I couldn't sleep last night so was doing one of these about 3am this morning :-O I wasn't happy with the inside of that either at this rate I could be at it all day so am letting it be.

Oops forgot to upload pics :-/ lol

done now

Friday, September 5, 2008

Expanding folder

I made this expanding folder for my friend Jan's birthday but we only met up yesterday to exchange presents - my birthday is 3 weeks before hers - so I can post it now. If anyone is interested in making one here's the link

Lobelia and Jute Bag

I've taken a picture of some Lobelia which is on my verandah (or it coud be a balcony, one has a roof the other doesn't apparantly ;-) but I can't remember which) I just wanted to show these as they're only supposed to last one year but this is the 3rd year these have come up. Some strawberry creepers have rooted themselves in amongst the Lobelia.

I made the Jute bag a few months ago to go on a WI stall, I think they priced it at 50p or as much as £1 but nobody bought it, they obviously thought it was overpriced lol. I'd made another cloth bag which did sell.

Cards - quick & easy

I bought some great bubble stickers from The Works some weeks ago and made some very quick cards. I printed the greetings off from the computer. I've been again since then and they had some girly stickers in. They're great value - 2 sheets for 99p. I've included a pic of just one sheet of each of the girly ones I got.

Anne x

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cloth Dolls - More Cloth Dolls

As I've got a bit of time I thought I'd upload some more of my dolls. I would love to hear your commments. The dolls with the boobs are from a pattern by Jan horrox, the lady with the big nose is a pattern by Jill Maas and the wood nymph from a Julie McCullough pattern.

Anne x

School Photo

I'd lost my only junior school photo, but managed to contact someone I was at school with via Friends Reunited. She didn't, however, remember me (I'm sure she wouldn't forget me if she met me now lol) but did have a photo which she emailed to me. I'm at the end of the middle row, on the right, with my hands on my knees ;-)

Anne x

Monday, September 1, 2008

Stash - Stitch & Creative Crafts show, GMEX Manchester, 30th Aug 2008

I went to the Stitch & Creative Crafts show on Saturday with a friend and we met up with another friend while we were there. We had a wonderful time. I was fairly restrained with my spending as I've been rather skint of late, also the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza is on later this month in Harrogate so will need some spends for there ;-) I bought 2 packs of cards, 1 pack of glitter (already got lots of colours), 1 pack DS tape, small stamp, sheet of Inkadinkadoo stamps and the 'around-2-it' snowman. As well as the stash shown, I bought some matt photo paper and 2 packs of sewing machine needles. If you haven't seen the 'around-2-it' stamps the main image has a front and back image - great for using in apertures

(The GMEX is now called Manchester Central, but I prefer GMEX)

Anne x