Saturday, September 6, 2008

In My Pocket - Art

This is my first 'In My Pocket' - a regular challenge set by Hels: fairly happy with the outside, but unsure about the inside. However I couldn't sleep last night so was doing one of these about 3am this morning :-O I wasn't happy with the inside of that either at this rate I could be at it all day so am letting it be.

Oops forgot to upload pics :-/ lol

done now


Hels said...

Gorgeous Pocket Anne, and so happy to see you in Blogland hun...thanks for joining in and now you have no excuse!!! the Sunday Stmaper is back tomorrow too :O)) Hugs xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

Hey Anne - your pocket is great hun ... it is also great to see you in Blog Land ... I shall keep dropping by to see what else you make ;0)
Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog too X

Anonymous said...

Your pocket is beautiful Anne! Good luck with the blogging, be careful - it's addictive!! xx

Liverpool Lou said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies x

Joy said...

Hi ann it's lovely to see you again thanks for visiting my blog, this pocket is gorgeous I love the colours I've not done one yet but will get round to it one day xx

Andrea said...

what a super pocket and beautiful colours x