Sunday, September 21, 2008

Craft Shows - Papercrafts Extravaganza

Went to the Papercrafts Extravaganza on Saturday with 2 friends and had a lovely day. Spent more than I intended, but isn't that what us crafters always do :-O I was awake till after 3.30 on the Friday night and after picking my friends up - one at Wyke - I found the round-trip tiring on top of the lack of sleep. I usually try out any new stamps I've bought at shows but as of yet I haven't even taken my stuff out of the bag!! Not like me at all. Today I went to the cloth doll group I'm in which is in York and though it's not that far I think after yesterday it's just added to the fatigue. When I got home, after the grandkids had practised piano (it's in my house), I had a little lie down. So it looks like I won't even look over my stash till tomorrow :-O
After looking through a book on cloth dolls, belonging to the lady that runs the doll group, I've been inspired to make some wire dolls - wire armature wrapped in wadding then fabric. So watch this space.

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Hels said...

Am watching and waitng...can't wait to see your new Cloth Doll.....and glad you have had a good spend...buying stash is so good for the soul isn't it? LOL...hope you have caught up on your sleep now love...hugs xx