Friday, September 12, 2008

Cards - Recent cards

I couldn't sleep last night so was on here about 3.30am this morning :-O I was going to post some cards I made recently but by the time I'd sorted out the Javablu award and read and forwarded some emails I decided to leave the cards till later. I still couldn't sleep and was awake till after 6am, then woke up a couple of hours later, then agan about an hour later, then was finally woken up at 10.45 by something that sounded like an alarm of some sort, but whatever it was was in transit as it faded.

Just a little more about what I've been up to before I upload the piccies ;-). I went linedancing on Wed night then tap dancing yesterday morning. When I got home I was feeling tired so had a lazy day watching TV while doing some needlefelting on my tree lol. It's a challenge I'm doing for the cloth doll group I belong to. Some members have finished theirs but mine's got quite a long way to go as the needlefelting is quite time-consuming.

Finally to the cards then - 2 baby boy cards and a handbag card for my great-niece xx


maddy hill said...

Hi liverpool lou i ve been blog hopping from my boyrfriends blog - mishaps in the makings lol

Love your little house and pocket - well done on your award too .
will be back to visit again - im a leeds girl myself lol

Hels said...

Fab cards and I love the ickle bag, you should be getting some rest so take it easy ... hope you sleep tonight xx Oh, and I am a Leeds Lass too!! :O))

Liverpool Lou said...

Hi girls, I'm not a Leeds lass of course hence the Liverpool Lou blog - guess where I'm from then lol
Anne x

maddy hill said...

lol i know your not leeds lol but you do live near by lol ... you never know that yorkshire air maybe having effect ... eee lass !

Linda Elbourne said...

Great cards Anne - Hope you get some sleep tonight X