Friday, September 5, 2008

Lobelia and Jute Bag

I've taken a picture of some Lobelia which is on my verandah (or it coud be a balcony, one has a roof the other doesn't apparantly ;-) but I can't remember which) I just wanted to show these as they're only supposed to last one year but this is the 3rd year these have come up. Some strawberry creepers have rooted themselves in amongst the Lobelia.

I made the Jute bag a few months ago to go on a WI stall, I think they priced it at 50p or as much as £1 but nobody bought it, they obviously thought it was overpriced lol. I'd made another cloth bag which did sell.

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mrsspook said...

I love the jute bag, I had the same problem selling crafty items at the school fair, I think sometimes people want something for nothing!