Saturday, January 14, 2012

366 Journal oh yes and Happy New Year

Hi, I'm still in the real world but bought a new laptop just before Christmas and have only just got round to uploading pics from my camera.  Was going to install the camera software but thought I'd see how I got on without it.  But also for one reason or another I've just spent sooooo much time online and none of it for crafty reasons.
Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.  The main thing I got was a Kindle :-) I'm very pleased with it.  I've read 2 books already and have started War And Peace.  I know! but it's my Everest hahaha.
On to the main reason for this post the 366 Journal.  Not totally happy with January's but faffed about enough with it, and it looks better than it did.  As I didn't keep up to date in December I couldn't remember what I'd done on many of the days as you can see.  Pop over to Kate's if you want to see more or find out more about this challenge.

Have also made a Kindle cover for my youngest sis and am going to make one for myself.

My niece asked me to make a doll for her daughter for Christmas, both dellighted with it.

NB Am having problems trying to leave comments on some blogs.  Can only think it's 'cos my new laptop runs on Windows 7 and the old PC was Windows XP.  I will Google it to see if I can fix it but if anyone knows of a fix please let me know.  (My browser is IE9)