Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WOYWW 29th September or What's on Your Workbench?

In the Aug/Sept/Oct issue of Art Doll Quarterly there's an article titled 'What's On Your Workbench'!?  I haven't read the article and wonder whether the author was inspired by Lady Julia's inspired blogfest as it has become for many of us on Wednesdays.  I visited very few last week as I was at DS's for a few days but did a scheduled post and was kindly linked up by Kate and since getting back have been trying to catch up on some things.  I've been working on the 'Elemental' doll that was on my desk last week.  Luckily you can't see here the split fingers :-/ but as I'd decided to paint the fabric which covers up the glued splits a bit I thought I'd get away without having to make new hands (though the hands weren't sewn separately I could've chopped her hands off :-0 and sewed new ones)  She's almost complete but as she's meant to represent water I want to stand her in a large shell and may add some diaphanous fabric to drape from her head.  My WOYWW easel is centre stage as I've given it a coat of acrylic wax.
Am off out shortly so will pop round to yours later ;-)

A few pics from my hols in previous post if you're interested and have the time ;-)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Separated by a common language plus holiday pics

While I was at DS's last week he reminded me about the time when he was living in California and we were travelling up to San Francisco.  We stopped overnight in Monterey.  At breakfast the next morning the waiter asked if we'd like tea, I said yes please.  He said English breakfast? I said, no thank you I'll just have some toast. whereupon DS and his then wife fell about laughing :-/  It turned out the waiter was referring to English Breakfast tea and not as I thought a full English breakfast LOL  Another time in a cafe I thought I was learning and asked for tea with milk (to save being asked if I wanted lemon) and got a cup of tea and a glass of milk :-/

I thought I share a few photos from my recent holiday in Turkey.  These were all taken by one of the photographers working at the hotel.  They include me, DD and partner (Anthony), 2 grandees and Anthony's cousin (very tall) and her daughter (youngest girl).  The girl behind me on the slide is someone the kids befriended.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WOYWW 22nd September - Here in spirit

Hello fellow WOYWWers, Happy Wednesday.  If you've no idea what I'm on about pop over to Julia's and find out more, then do please join us.  It's all good fun ;-)
Well I've tidied my desk at last - still not as tidy as some 'cos there are quite a few things that live on my desk.  On mine this weeks is a pile of scrap paper which I use when inking and stamping.  There's also a doll I'm making for the doll group I'm a member of.  One of our members sadly died last year and this is the doll she was working on.  Chris, who organises the group, thought it would be nice for us all to have a go at making one.  I decided I'd paint the fabric once completed rather than use  coloured fabric for this.
I thought I'd show the finished tutu I started before going on holiday.  It could do with lining really but will be ok if my youngest granddaughter wears leggings with it.  The colour is much more vibrant and more turquoise than it looks here but as it was raining I couldn't take a pic outside which would've resulted in a truer colour.
NB as I'm going to DS's for a couple of days and won't get chance to post on Wed, would some kind person please link me up at Julia's - thank you.  I'll be round to visit you from Thursday onwards ;-)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Saturday :-) Thought I'd share ......

...what I was doing about 4am - couldn't sleep so got up after laying in bed for 21/2 hours.  I desperately want to be able to draw wonderful faces like Doone but can't really commit financially to doing an online class.  I would welcome constructive criticism as to how to make it more 3 dimensional and interesting . I know the theory of shading and have done a little but it doesn't show up here.  (The scribble beside her neck is some blue ink that was on the paper).  I realise that painting it would help; well in theory anyway but painting is another skill I haven't mastered LOL
I need to do some sewing today.
Looks like it's gonna rain big time here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I've changed ...........

......... my 365 journal pages for September hehe  I wasn't really happy with them before and tried just changing the border at the top then the squares for the daily entries but still wasn't happy so decided on a complete change - I was quite happy with the background but couldn't get the border and daily squares right to go with the background.   I've used Colourful thoughts paints from Crafty Notions.  They're really lush I only have 3 - Sunshine, Bubblegum and Peacock.  Haven't actually sorted the titles yet.  I've added some lace on one page and used one of my fave techniques - using gel medium with a stencil - on the other.  I coloured the gel medium with the Sunshine paint.
Lovely and sunny here in West Yorkshire today :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday Stampers - Blue, Red or Blue + Red

Each Sunday Hels sets a new theme for the Sunday Stampers challenge.  This week it's to use Blue, Red or Blue + Red.  I've made a tag 'cos I find it's fairly easy to think of something for a tag when lacking inspiration.  Made a scrunchy flower out of tissue paper and popped a fabric covered button in the centre.  Not waffling too much 'cos I want to get my effort posted and am out later ;-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WOYWW September 15th

Uh-oh, complete shambles this week :-/  Had intended to tidy it before I went to Turkey but didn't manage it and now it's even worse!
If  you want to know what I'm on about pop over to Julia's pad and then show us yours; don't stress it, it can't be worse than mine :-0
(WOYWW = What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Am I just too picky?

I clicked with one of the waiters on holiday ;-) he asked if I'd like to go on a picnic with him on his day off !  I wouldn't mind but I'd only said about a dozen words to him.  I declined 'cos he wasn't young and handsome.  Well I figured if I'm gonna go for it I don't want someone my age!!! ROFL

Tim's on HSN today

Check out Tim's blog for times I Googled to check the time difference but as I'm prone to making mistakes I don't want to be responsible for putting the incorrect time here :-/ You can watch him live on your PC from HSN It's Craft Day today on HSN

Monday, September 13, 2010

Am I the last? - 365 journal. Plus an award

I think I must be last posting my pages for August but I do have an excuse.  I went to Turkey the last week in August and had intended to post my pages before I went but my PC was attacked by Trojans!  and I couldn't even run a scan.  Luckily when I got back a McAfee scan started automatically and got rid of the Trojans.  And though I've been home nearly a week I hadn't got my pages ready for September - just finished but haven't thought about any bits and pieces I may put on them yet.

Also I had an award waiting for me from the lovely Lin aka Linby.  I have to pass it on to 7 people but will do that later in the week ;-)
I will be sharing a few of my holiday photos at a later date but unfortunately they don't show anything of Turkey as we didn't do any excursions and being all-inclusive we only ventured into Alanya and to the local shops (we were about 20 mins from Alanya)  DD was only really interested in the kids swimming with dolphins but it was way too expensive.  We had intended to hire a car for a couple of days but then Anthony; DD's partner; realised it would be no easy task trying to follow road signs.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm back!

I've been on holiday to Turkey and got back in the early hours of Wednesday morning.  I didn' t want to advertise the fact I was away on here though.  Strangely I was able to get online first time I tried yesterday and my McAfee scan started running automatically - it picked up 2 Trojans!!  If you saw my last post you'll see that the real time scanning kept getting turned off before I went away but it was ok when I got back.  I'm glad the McAfee software worked as I did manage to find out the name of the Trojan I had some months ago and was able to download a program that got rid of it, but I can't remember now how I did it - anyone any ideas in case I get any more.  Also when I was having probs last time I did find out from a McAfee technician how to input 'Chkdsk' in DOS and I can't remember that either; again anyone any ideas?