Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm back!

I've been on holiday to Turkey and got back in the early hours of Wednesday morning.  I didn' t want to advertise the fact I was away on here though.  Strangely I was able to get online first time I tried yesterday and my McAfee scan started running automatically - it picked up 2 Trojans!!  If you saw my last post you'll see that the real time scanning kept getting turned off before I went away but it was ok when I got back.  I'm glad the McAfee software worked as I did manage to find out the name of the Trojan I had some months ago and was able to download a program that got rid of it, but I can't remember now how I did it - anyone any ideas in case I get any more.  Also when I was having probs last time I did find out from a McAfee technician how to input 'Chkdsk' in DOS and I can't remember that either; again anyone any ideas?


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Anne, hope you had a lovely break away. Sorry to hear about the bugs on your pc, hope they have gone now. Good to have you back, hugs Heidi xx

Kay said...

No idea Anne,, sorry, but hope you had a fab time in Turkey x

Crafty Chris said...

Hope you had a fab holiday missed you on here, sorry cant help with the puter when I get problems I just pass it over to hubby and he sorts it out, I suppose I should watch what he is doing.
Chris x

Doone said...

yaya welcome home - missed you


Hels Sheridan said...

Good to see you home hun and hope you had a brill time... nasty Trojan... I had two worms last week.. where do they come from huh?? Hugs hun and hope you get it all sorted soon x

Julia Dunnit said...

Guessed you were on your hols - hope you've had a fab time and are full of vigour and preparation. Ugh. No clue about the tech stuff - but you know that about me. Love your new photo!

Cardarian said...

Hi Anne! I thought you were on holidays - but you should know you were missed!!! I hope you had a faboulous time! Can't help you much with the tech stuff except that I think that if you have an antivirus programme on your computer it should get rid of the Trojan automaticly!

Tracey said...

Hope you had a fabby dabby time and it wasn't too hot for you.
Good job we are not going to GNPE as have spended all my pennies LOL. So much for not spending huh!
Glad to se you back too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm SO glad you are back. You were missed. I hope you will share some of your Turkey photos now that the computer is right with the world. I'm so glad your computer is running OK. That's always good news. Mine has been acting weird and I've had to shut down at least twice this morning alone. Hard to get anything done that way.

Anyway, so glad you are back with us, and I remember Chkdsk from years ago, just not the command anymore, now that DOS is but a bleep in my memory system.

Linby said...

Hi Anne
Glad you are back been quiet without you.

Micki said...

Hi Anne! I can't wait to hear about Turkey. Welcome Back!

Doone said...

chkdsk = check disk = check the hard drive integrity

click start - choose 'run' if you type cmd it opent he dos window - at the prompt type chkdsk - although most PCs run these tasls routinely now -

try this: mouse click select in sequence:

start>programs>accessories>system tools>system restore (restart)

if this is a foriegn language drop me a mail & I'll screenshot it for you

it may take hours to run the restore but that should reboot you withthe registry intact - if yoru registry if fnerked you are in trouble....

and then get a MAC (they don't have these problems)


Linby said...

Hi Anne

CAS is clean and simple!
The award is on this post
If the link won't work it was Sat 28 Aug-just click back one page and scroll down from the current page.