Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WOYWW 22nd September - Here in spirit

Hello fellow WOYWWers, Happy Wednesday.  If you've no idea what I'm on about pop over to Julia's and find out more, then do please join us.  It's all good fun ;-)
Well I've tidied my desk at last - still not as tidy as some 'cos there are quite a few things that live on my desk.  On mine this weeks is a pile of scrap paper which I use when inking and stamping.  There's also a doll I'm making for the doll group I'm a member of.  One of our members sadly died last year and this is the doll she was working on.  Chris, who organises the group, thought it would be nice for us all to have a go at making one.  I decided I'd paint the fabric once completed rather than use  coloured fabric for this.
I thought I'd show the finished tutu I started before going on holiday.  It could do with lining really but will be ok if my youngest granddaughter wears leggings with it.  The colour is much more vibrant and more turquoise than it looks here but as it was raining I couldn't take a pic outside which would've resulted in a truer colour.
NB as I'm going to DS's for a couple of days and won't get chance to post on Wed, would some kind person please link me up at Julia's - thank you.  I'll be round to visit you from Thursday onwards ;-)


maddy hill said...

Hi Anne what a fab gorgeous tutu ! and if the colour is brighter in real then its even more gorgeous than the photo !

p.s .... did you by any chance post something to leeds ? lol
maddy x

downrightcrafty said...

Hi Anne love the little skirt it made me think of the old ra-ra skirts and love the colour, no message said you had been linked and as Sue from Scooopy's very kindly linked me this morning I have been to do yours for you

thanks for the snoop and happy WOYWW day
Kate xx

Sue said...

Hi Anne
what a pretty tutu gorgeous colour,just seen kate has linked you,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(3)

Lizzybobs said...

hi Anne loving your little tutu loving the blue thanks for sharing with us and hope you have a good week - love Liz (24)

JoZart said...

Look forward to seeing your special doll finished. Lovely tribute to your friend. Cutsie tutu... My Grandees love the ones I made them and go out shopping in them! Have a good trip with DS,

patcrafts said...

The tutu is fab she will love it, the colour is gorgeous true or not.
What a tidy desk this week.
Pat xx

Sheila said...

Cute tutu!

flutterbycrafter said...

Love the colour of this tutu, and what a marvellous idea for you all to have a go and finish the doll.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OK, I'm late and I know I'm late. I just can't seem to get around this week, so decided to visit a few people I really want to visit. Love the little tutu. What a heartfelt tribute to your art friend.

Your desk and even your shelves look tidy. I spy the eyes, too. Guess you know I'm #2.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I should have REREAD the message before I sent it. I wanted to say the doll was a tribute, NOT the tutu, as the message seemed to convey. Guess I need more coffee :>)

Anonymous said...

Ooh look, you've tidied up! The doll project looks very interesting and a great way to commemorate your friend.

Brenda (88)

Sue said...

Hi Anne
i am a warden in sheltered housing for retired folk, nothing to exciting! lol, sue,xx

Spyder said...

I was wondering where you were, I hadn't spied you on my never ending WOYWW list!
If you join the Crafter's Companion news letter and become a member you can get a few freebie papers and decoupage of BP

or cut off the member bit and just join

Cardarian said...

Hiya Anne!

I am late commenting - sooo busy! Just packing my bags for tomorrow when I fly off to London! A bit busy these days but I guess things will calm down after this weekend!
I will wave to you when I fly over! :-) !

Spyder said...

oh I forgot to look at your desk!! The picture didn't pop up...I'll click the little box....
ah the eyes!! Good place to put them, suddenly make a jam jar look very intelligent!
hang on...there's another box.... ah that's got the tutu,, will it fit you?

She said...

Oh I love that tutu! S xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I like the jar -0 keeping watch over all! The doll is going to be lovely - and what a nice way to 'tribute'. Hope you're having a nice time with DS.

Candace said...

That tutu is such a lovely colour

Thanks for sharing Hugs Candace #43

Micki said...

The tutu is just darling!

maddy hill said...

Thank you hunny for my fabulous card !!! i cant believe you knew it was my birthday ! so lovely to recieve xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
thank you again my friend xx
maddy x


Oh, I am looking forward to seeing that doll!