Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'd be grateful for your input

I'm having lots of problems with my PC lately, not just the Blogger ones.  As I've had it 41/2 years now I'm wondering whether it's time to buy a new one.  It's not that I couldn't just go and buy one right now but I don't want to buy one just because it may be easier and I haven't got enough readies to buy a new one just 'cos I want one that's faster/latest thing etc.  But if needs must then I will.  Apart from the Blogger probs I think McAfee has done a major upgrade (I say 'think' 'cos I've not actually heard anything about it but it is behaving differently and looks different when I open it up) And we all know that new versions of software can cause problems.  Whether the new McAfee is causing my Blogger probs or Blogger has bugs that need fixing or whether McAfee is causing me probs (won't run scans successfully, stops partway through) 'cos of other stuff on my PC I don't know.  Can I just install a new hard drive?  Should I just get an external hard drive, back up all my stuff and reinstall from the disc that came with the PC?  I feel just getting other people's input helps to clarify things in my mind, so whatever you think please feel free to express it.  All thoughts will be most gratefully received.
Anne xxx


patcrafts said...

I personally cannot give you a solution as I don't know anything much about PCs but I agree with you about buying another unnecessarily if it can be fixed. I have a really good computer man in Thornhill who should be able to help you he sorts out all our problems if we have any and he actually built my computer for me. If you are interested just e-mail me I can come and pick you up and take you with your PC
Pat xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm hopeless to you - it may well be worth a natter with Paula Gale tho', she seems incredibly tech savvy.
BUT a while back when WOYWWers had a problem loading photos without signng up to a new Picasa album based system, I did adjust my Blogger setting: Go into Dashboard>Setings and scroll down to GLOBAL SETTINGS. I selected the 'Old Editor' setting and have had no trouble at all touch wood. Strange tho. Our PC is about 2 and a half, but does have a huge processor according to him that likes to brag of such things...

Hels Sheridan said...

Hey hun, being a complete computer idiot I cannot really tell you what you should do - however, I had a laptop for four years and it got to the point where it was taking me about 20 mins to start it up and then trying to Blog was a mare. Grim is the computer bod in this house and even he admitted that there was little more that he could do - he took everything off it, reformatted the hard drive and reset all the setting etc. It went ok for a few weeks but it was so badly fragmented that in the end I bought a new lappy. I got an Acer - which had McAfee as part of it for the first three months. it all worked well but instead of buying McAfee, I installed the free AVG and touch wood, it has been ok - not got any probs etc. Have you tried the de-fragging and resetting thing? If you get any thoughts then just drop me a mail and I will ask Grim for you.
hope you get it sorted hun .. hugs x

Paula Gale said...

Hi Anne - certainly backing up to the external hard drive would be a good idea - just incase it crashes altogether and your precious stuff becomes irretreaveable - this is a good habit for all PC users to get into = I have a massive (as in storage capasity) external hard drive - but cannot find the power lead to it... sometimes it is worth putting some of your programmes on there.

Have you tried to uninstall McAfee and re-install. Have you checked your security settings - make sure that they are around medium - if they are too high you will be prevented from performing certain functions on the internet. Go to your control panel, click on Internet Options, then click on 'security' tab - mine is set at medium-high, then click on the tab 'privacy' - mine is set at Medium. Let me know what yours it set at, because if high - this will prevent you accessing certain sites - and you may not even realise.

not sure this is much help, but its worth at least looking to rule it out.

Paula x x x

Spyder said...

We had McAfee. Hubby tried to take it off... and then he took it off again....and again... it kept coming back! We now use AVG which was a free download. It might help!