Friday, August 12, 2011

My 15 minutes of fame may be imminent!

I'm not saying any more just now, you'll have to wait till the first week in September haha!  Just one thing though, it's not craft related!

I bought some dance trainers a couple of weeks ago for linedancing.  I only had my ankle boots which had started making my feet ache plus they are on their last legs, well in fact they are past it - new boots this winter (I do have some Uggs though)  The dance trainers are very similar in style to some other trainers but are made specifically for dancing and are very flexible as  you can see here.  I was extrememly lucky as they are £40 or more and I got these for £20 (plus £3 postage) and they're pink too :-)  I know black ones would go with anything but how boring LOL


Cheryl said...

oh these look great hun,fab buy too,oh you are bad keeping us all in suspense,hugs cherylxxxxxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

And now I'm thinking it has something to do with being on some reality TV show that involves line dancing. Thanks for keeping us in the dark, kiddo! Love the shoes, regardless. And that is one lucky find, too.

JoZart said...

Be sure to take a look at the last photo of my blog post tomorrow. Is this why you'll be famous???
Love Jo x