Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping at Primani

Hehehehe did you guess?  Yes that's what some people, including my niece, call Primark.  It's not a shop I often go in, I think it's ok for younger people to buy cheap clothes, as many of them would look good even in a bin bag!  However sometimes Primark do have stuff that I like.  I've had a pair of sandals and mules which were great and some vest tops.  Today I bought 3 t-shirts for £8 and the material is good.  Do you remember that programme, 'Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width'? LOL Well I always feel the fabric.  As well as this striped t-shirt; photo taken in a mirror; I bought a brown one and a white one.   All long sleeves, but I'll probably shorten the other 2.  The brown one I plan to embellish and the white 1 to dye and embellish.  The striped one and the brown are cotton with 5% elastane while the white is 100% cotton.  In the interests of research for anyone who may wish to pop round to their local Primani and buy some, I have washed the white one and can tell you it has retained it's shape and has not shrunk (handwashed but I feel it would be fine in a washing machine at a low temperature). A word of caution though, buy a size larger than you normally get ;-)

I thought I'd show some of my plants.  The hydrangea is in the front garden, but the colour is much deeper than it looks here.  The clematis and passion flower are on the wall from of my balcony thingy.  There are 2 clematises actually but one has finished flowering.  I usually call it a verandah but apparantly that has a roof but somehow balcony conjurs up images of something projecting out from a wall; mine doesn't, it leads out from the living room via patio doors and then there are steps down to the garden so is it a balcony or indeed a patio?
Little note - I do usually have my hair straight, but when it's overgrown sometimes I just wash it and leave it; sometimes just too lazy to blowdry it then straighten it!


Crafty Chris said...

Hi Anne
I must say I do prefer your hair straight, I am the same maybe go in for socks or slippers, do you ever buy anything you dont alter? :) Love the flowers Mine hasnt flowered this year I think I cut it back too much so hopefully next year.
Christine x

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Anne, wow you look very glam with your new hair and tshirt. My daughters shop at Primarni, lol! What bargains to be had!

Love your plants too, my garden seems to have burst forth as well, just beautiful! Have a lovely weekend, hugs Heidi xxd

Linby said...

ooh you look different with straight hair, I thought it was your younger sister!
What beautiful plants, I wish my hydrangea would flower so profusely.

patcrafts said...

Love the T-shirt, stripes are my thing at the moment. I like long sleeves that I can shorten as I don't like my wrinkley top of arms.
Pat xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Oh flip, I am going to sound reeeeeally stooopid now.. but... I was looking at your top and admiring the unusual brooch...ahem, I shall close the door on me way out hunny ROFLMAO

Micki said...

I think you look so good in your new hairstyle and outfit!

Cardarian said...

Oh how nice to see the full lenghth photo of you! I like that you went for a bit of shopping! I laughed at Primark called Primani! I am also a sort of touch and feel gal - if the material doesn't feel right it's not for me! Beautiful flowers - I will take some photos of mine in the morning and show them off!
Enjoy the weekend!

Chrissie said...

Great piccie Anne, I like the hair!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So much in this post, not sure where to start. I really like how you were able to photograph yourself. Nice job. I never think to do something like that. Like your hair straight, too.

I've never heard of Primark. Must be a European thing. But three for 8 pounds sounds pretty reasonable to me and the fabric is well worth dyeing.

One of the reasons I would never shop online is because I am such a tactile person. Like you, if it doesn't feel right, I don't want it. And of course, I have to inspect it for every flaw possible, too.