Monday, October 25, 2010

The doll is done!

Well! nearly 2 weeks since I posted anything.  I decided to try not spending so much time on the PC for a week 'cos once I get on I spend an awful lot of time here and that's great if I have the time; which I do; and I'm enjoying it, but you know sometimes you just feel that you should be being more productive.  I've finished a doll I was working on.  As I was going to the doll group yesterday I wanted to get it done.  Speaking of the doll group I'm in the process of setting up a blog as we did originally have a website but as it's now lapsed we thought it would be easier to set up a blog.  I offered to do it as Chris who runs the group is very busy.  It was a bit of a faff though but eventually it seems the only way to do it is using another name so I invented one :-/  I didn't want to use my own account to set up another blog.  The other thing is if I log into the other blog on my PC I can't log into my own - does anyone know differently?  Not that it really matters but I wanted to become a follower of the new blog but it seems I'll have to do that through DD's PC and if I want to post anything in both blogs I'll have to login to one then out to login to the other???
 Anyway here's dolly ;-)  She has a wire armature which I've wrapped wadding then fabric strips round.  Her nose is a bit odd, but adds to the character - at least that's what I'm telling myself LOL  If you have any questions about it please ask.
She's based on dolls in Ray Slater's 'Dolls for Textile Artists' though I didn't follow the book to make her.


Linby said...

Oooh she is fab Anne. I love her face and her little choker in particular.
Can't help with the blog thing! Given me a headache reading about it LOL!

Doone said...

wow = super doll - will we see her in seductive pose on her chair on Weds?


kayc said...

Lovely doll. You are so clever. I love her little choker too! Kathleen x

patcrafts said...

She's lovely Anne and will look great on the chair as Doone said.
Pat xx

Helen said...

She's gorgeous!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your doll is gorgeous. I can see why you've been gone so long. Sorry I'm so late getting here. I've had horrible back spasms since Saturday and simply can't sit for long.

However, I read your entire post and thought I would add that you are correct. Once you create a new account using a different e-mail address or user name, you can't be logged into both at once. One thing you CAN do is Log into one account, then visit the other one from the web. You will be no more than a visitor, just like you are when you come to my or anyone else's blog, but at least both can be open at the same time. If your blog is open, you can post a comment to the doll blog. You should also be able to click the follow button (for the doll blog) while still in your blog. To become a follower of your blog from the doll blog, just log into your doll blog and do the same as above. It should work.

Cardarian said...

Hiya Anne!

I think Elisabeth has given you more then good advise on your blog problem - yes I think you just have to work from 2 different email accounts! I see a lot of bloggers having 2 or more blogs so there must be a way!
Your doll is just sooo beautiful - I don't know when I will have the time to get up to making one...

Spyder said...

I know just what you mean, I've been sooo unproductive all these last two weeks with my daughter and grandson here, not done half the things we wanted and now they are going home tomorrow. Your doll is fabulous!! I love those little shoes...and her curls!


flutterbycrafter said...

Wow, this is awesome, I love it. You are sooo clever. xx

Tracey said...

She is stunning Anne, and the chair is fab too, hope you are ok.
Not been AWOL on purpose, just not had pc time, not done WOYWW as don't have the time at the mo to blog hop.
My desk is a tip as when I have been crafting not put anything away, piled with loads of Xmas stash.
Take care hun, lotsa love.

Jacqui said...

She's lovely

maddy hill said...

oh fabby Anne - she has hair like my mum ! love her !
good luck with the blog hunny x

Anonymous said...

What a cute and lovely doll. I just happened upon your blog and its lovely. you are very talented
hugs June xxxx

anne said...

Oh she's very glam, love her hair and frock x

Angie said...

She is beautiful .... love her.
I know what you mean about being away from the screen but I now feel I have got sooooooo behind with everyone.