Sunday, December 5, 2010

365 Journal

A bit late with December's pages but they're ready at last.  They have had the colour added for a few days but only put the little journalling squares on yesterday.  I wasn't too happy with November's pages after the first few days of starting but it was easier to carry on than try to take off all those little bits of paper to paint over them again.  I was going to post yesterday but the pic for the Nov pages was too blurred and I couldn't be bothered trying again as it was late on and rather dull so decided to have another go today.  For the Dec pages I've used blue, but you can tell that can't you LOL I've added a bit of white and some silver accents with transfer foil.  I started using a blue pen for the text but it ran out!  I coloured the paper for the daily squares with Brusho using the shaving foam technique - basically spray shaving foam onto a surface (I used and old chopping thing; well it doen't seem right to call it a choppping board when it's glass :-/) drop your colours onto it lay the paper on top and press it all over then lift off, set aside to dry.  You may find when it's dry you'll need to brush off some bits of dried foam.

The snow is finally starting to clear a bit here, still lots around though.  I finally dug my car out a few days ago and parked it on the road so I could use it if I wanted to, though have to admit I haven't been anywhere only to post some cards but that was only a few yards.  Did a bit of shopping today and mooched round the White Rose shopping centre just to get out but didn't manage to buy any prezzies.  I was a bit peckish so bought just a cheese toastie from Subway, I didn't want to spoil my appetite for later.  I say I bought it, but very nearly got it for free.  After ordering I suddenly remembered I had no cash, did a quick check and had about 84p but the toastie was 89p.  I had to aplogise and said I'll just go to the cash machine.  The guy serving said there's one just over there - a few yards away - but unfortunately there was no cash!  In the meantime the guy had obviously spoken to his superior 'cos when I got back to say I'd have to go to another machine, the 2nd guy said it's ok and proceeded to give it to me, I said I've got 80 odd pence and was getting it out, he said again it's ok, but I dug out all the change I had and handed it over :-/
I just have to say, I'm chuffed to little mint balls that Ann Widdicombe has finally been kicked off Strictly Come Dancing Yay!!!!


Spyder said...

You have been very busy! I keep wanting to have a go at this, after seeing this picture full of inch sized adverts, but that was about 15 years ago, long before I started proper crafting. Shouldn't worry about thingy. I save mine up, or did, and once actually had enough to share with all by followers, it took ages, twice it got deleted by mistake, and then not even half took them...but then that might be my fault coz, if they've got that approve thing on, I'd forget if I'd told them or not!
I get confused very easily!

JoZart said...

You need to wind down as you seem to be like a headless chicken just now... chill out, take it easy as you've made some lovely pages despite all the goings on.
I too am chuffed to bits that the Widdy is off Strictly. It was really irking me that people were so in favour of her squirmifyably horrible carryings on and I didn't find it all one bit funny. I was also pleased to hear about Wagner when I came back from Germany.... At last woo hoo!
Hugs Jo x

Crafty Chris said...

So am I< I dont know how she lasted that long, Love the pages I do prefer the pink.
Chris x

Cheryl said...

oh hun just love the pages,you have created,they are gorgoues and yayyyyyyyyyyy Anne is goneeeeeeeeee
the public finally came to there senses really hope Cara wins,think she is just amazing,hugs cheryl xxxxx

patcrafts said...

Fab pages Anne love the blue one but I would cos blue is my favourite colour. I haven't watched Strictly but the bits I have seen of AW she was making a right fool of herself, talk about ungainly!
I put your comment on Gez's blog for you.
Hugs Pat xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really love the December pages you created. I like the shaving cream technique, too. Fun and easy, and the pages are SO soft when dry.

Sounds like you were in luck at Subway. Nice to know there are still some good people in the world.

I liked the way you used those arrows to point to special days in November. Clever!

maddy hill said...

love the effect of dropping ink Anne, snow is melting here , but turining to ice !

Theres a felting class on thursdays in leeds - rach goes if your interested , let her know Anne if you are - they are looking for more members - so just thought of you xx

flutterbycrafter said...

Two more gorgeous pages Anne. Glad you managed to get your car out. I haven't been out at all. Also pleased that AW has been voted off, she really was awful. xx

kayc said...

I like the soft colours of the December page. It's snowing again. Please go away. Kathleen x

Doone said...

ha ha,

glad you got your toastie, it's minus 17 here and I have the heating on, three layers of clothes, a scarf and a hat - and that's inside,

I Loved the Wadderley Widders, but I agree it was time to go....


Doone said...

there is a package at the neighbours - I knocked and she called out that she is in the bath - argggh so close but no cigar yet - I can hardly wait - may be able to blog the contents later?


She said...

You have been tagged:)

Check my blog:)

I love your blue pages, may do something like that next year, if I can sort me myself