Thursday, August 27, 2009

Venice piccies now added

I've added pictures of Venice to my slideshow now. Unfortunately there was restoration taking place at the Bridge of Sighs so not a good piccy of that. There were some lovely dinky little bars and shops round St Marks Square - such as the 'Florian' which is included. I've had to do 2 separate slideshows, as when I view them in Flickr they're not all on 1 page and even though I tried to include both pages in Blogger setup by separating the pages with a comma IYKWIM, it didn't work. Any ideas anyone? Also is there a way to view the pics in the slideshow at a larger size does anyone know?
Hope you enjoy them ;)

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Spookys Crafty Mess said...

Oh what memories you have bought back to me, my friend !!! Aaaarh I'm on a cloud wafting yes I probably would be wafting from what I recall of Venice about 31 years ago this month I met my beloved in Venice, so your photo's bought some lovely thought to me, Thank you for that and loved your pics too. hugs xx