Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

We haven't had snow for a few days here, though we did have a bit of sleet earlier. It started snowing on 17th Dec and we had some snow every day/night for a week, with some rain, sleet and sun thrown in. I took a photo of my car at night while it was snowing and one the next morning. I also took one of DDs 'real' Christmas tree :)


Angie said...

Love the falling snow shot ...all our snow has gone. I have never had a MS punch ....not very good with edging ones lol. Happy New Year

Hels said...

Fab snowy shots hun...we had a load dumped last week but it has all gone now...wish it would be really deep, so deep that we wouldn't have to go out and then could have a really good excuse to sit and craft all day! Hope you have had a lovely Christmas ... and Happy New Year to you too xx

Cheryl said...

aww we have no snow, it fell before christmas then sharply went away again lol x