Saturday, April 21, 2012

Out and about and soft toys

I've been making some soft toys for the children that DD looks after.  As well as what's shown here I've made some glove puppets.  I'm also going to make a Chinese doll and an Indian doll for her.  They are all my own designs apart from the bird.  The bird is approx 4" high, the mouse approx 8" , the duck approx 8"and the owl stuffy approx 10".

I love seeing Elizabeth's pictures she takes when she's out and about so thought I'd show a few I took in Manchester last weekend when I met a friend there.  Manchester still has trams so I thought it would be interesting to show a picture of the lines and a tram.  I also took a few pics at Manchester Piccadilly railway station.

Monday, April 2, 2012

366 Journal

March's pages complete and April's started :-) Not much to say about them. For more about this challenge pop over to Kate's.
 I've been making other things but can't show them as they're for a challenge for the 'craftydollybirds' formerly the Dolly Birds but as we do so much more than make dolls these days someone came up with the name of craftydollybirds for our blog.  I made a Kindle cover but then turned it into a journal cover.  The journal has been passed on with the head I made for the challenge.  I can show a couple of Easter cards I made as they've been received now.

Also been doing a spot of DIY.  I've put together a vanity unit for the bathroom but had to cut a hole in the base and shelf to fit it round the sink pedestal.  As you can see the cut in the base is very wonky.  I really needed some clamps to hold it firmly and also had to use the jigsaw upside down - that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking with it.  The hole in the shelf is much better.  Just have to cut the top now to fit round the sink :-/  That may fall to DD's partner.  I'll take a pic of the unit once the top is in place.