Thursday, January 3, 2013

EDITED 365 Journal and Happy New Year ;-D

Happy New Year to all.  Hope 2013 is good to you.
Something's amiss with Blogger since I was last here :-/ the font is really tiny and I can't figure out how to upload photos from my computer!  It only gives the options to upload from:
This blog; Picasa Web Albums; Phone; Webcam or URL.  HELP!
EDITED 6th Dec
I've installed Google Chrome now and hey presto when I want to upload pics from my computer I get the option to 'Choose Files' which wasn't there before.  Previously it gave the option to 'Browse' but this had disappeared since 'they' have made changes to Blogger.  I know it's an ongoing thing; when changes are made they work ok for some but not others - the changes will be compatible with some browsers and not others and also may be battling against other 'stuff' on your computer.  I'm just glad I didn't have to resort to downloading Picasa as I'd used it briefly once before but wasn't really happy with it.  The other alternative was to upload pictures from my phone but though I could crop pictures before uploading I may want to edit them in some other way which I wouldn't be able to do. Kate is still hosting the '365 Journal' so pop over if you haven't already done so :-D

I made my sister a bracelet for Christmas but remembered she can't wear metal next to her skin (the fastener) so had to make a quick bracelet using stretch cord; I didn't photograph that but here's the original.
I used Chinese crystals - not as good as Swarovski - the bicones are Swarovski however.  I realise now I should have made sure all the crystals were facing the same way as they are coated on one side so don't gleam so much on that side. (I may yet redo it)  It is quite simple to do and if you'd like to have a go check this out [:-/ having another look at this it's so much neater than mine, still it is a first attempt ;-)]
I need to change the fastening as this one is difficult to fasten on your own.

I also made my son a paracord bracelet if you fancy having a go you'll find lots of tutorials on YouTube.

At the doll group I belong to our last project was based on 'I know an old lady who swallowed a fly' those taking part had to make a head for the character they chose (mine was a 'cute troll') this was then passed on to another person to make the body, the next person made the fly and spider, the next the bird and cat, then dog and goat; after that when it was passed on we just made one animal.  We never got our 'head' back at all so had no idea what our finished project ' would look like.  There was a stipulation that we had to follow whatever theme the first creatures, for example if they were knitted we had to knit the next creature etc. Some didn't have a specific or obvious  theme (for example after the spider and fly in one collection the next person took colour as the theme) (At the same time there was another project on the go which was to make a house and embellish internally and externally and also make a figure to live in the house.  Unfortunately there aren't any photos of those on the blog).  Pop over to have a look


Annie said...

Hehehe I think blogger confuses us all at times Anne. Happy New Year to you and yours.
A x

Kathleen said...

Well it is strange as I did a post where I uploaded 5 photo's from my picures, I think it was yesterday morning and it was fine but I just read your post and went to check my uploading options again and mine was just the same as yours. No browse option.
I thought something was strange as last night I had to sign in and I know that when you have to sign in something has altered but couldn't spot anything so that must be what is was. No idea what to do now, so if you find out, let me know and visa versa.

Kath x

Monica said...

I am convinced my PC is doing battle with my iPad. things appear on PC , how i do not know and iPad seems to have it's own agenda. posting anything has been hard and PC crashed twice. Blogger has come up in a weird strip formula that i have seen on other sites. maybe there are some kind of air currents or products in the air or just puckish spirits.

JoZart said...

Happy New Year to you and your's and hope to see more of you blogging once you get the problems sorted,
Hugs Jo x

Twiglet said...

Yes Blogger can be a pain at times for me too. Keep at it - it will get better. Happy New Year x Jo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm having all kinds of problems with blogger, but I just checked and my upload options are still the same. I am not sure why you aren't able to upload but I've never had a browse option. Just click upload and the choose files option should appear in the upper middle. I hope you get it sorted soon.

Happy New Year, too. I've really missed you. I hope you had a great Christmas, too.

Annie said...

Love the braceletys Anne and that pass it on idea for the dolls is fab.
A x

Kathleen said...

I remember the spider and the fly project pity it seems to have disappeared, all that work.
Decembers pages look good, love the trees and love the new colours for Jan.
Glad we are both sorted, for now anyway.
Someone told me that with Chrome you have to delete your searches quite often or it runs really slow.

See you on the 17th, remind Pat.x

Kath x

Spyder said...

O.M goodness you have been busy! I never did get around to making a journal last year, not very many nice things to put in it until the very end (New Granddaughter!) Hope you and your family are very well, and wishing you a very Happy New Year!!


Kim Dellow said...

Lovely pieces :) Happy New Year. Seems a number of folks have been having blogger issues. Have you tried up loading the photo from the HTML tab instead of the compose tab? Kim

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your pages Ann! I have always had that 'Choose Files' on my blog so just go to where I've exported my piccies. That doll group project sounds like fun! Happy New Year, Chrisx

Angie said...

Thank you for dropping by ...I have been a rubbish blogger and an even worse crafter.
I managed to have a great Xmas and my son managed to get over at new Year BUT 5 grandsons and a Laptop that someone put on the floor ended up in disaster and a big bill!!!
Love your bracelets xx

Linby said...

Happy New Year - sorry it is a bit late!
I have been using Chrome for a few years now and love it compared to IE.
Great pages and a lovely bracelet. I am thinking of starting to crochet again - been 40 odd years since I last did any. Bought a book to refresh me with the stitches.