Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keeping bananas fresh for longer

I recently saw a banana 'duvet' in the Lakeland catalogue so you can keep bananas in the fridge without them going black. The idea is that it gives them a degree of warmth so they won't go black but by being in the fridge will keep longer. So I thought perhaps a bubble wrap envelope may work just as well. And it does! I usually buy 5 or 6 bananas at a time as there's only me here but sometimes if DD gets them for me she buys an economy bag from Asda and though I do try to eat them all, at times I have to throw the odd one away - when DD has enough of her own. I think she got me these about a week ago and I put 2 of them in an envelope in the fridge - the front ones. As you can see the other 2 are spotty - just how I like them :) - but the fridge ones will last longer ;)

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