Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lovely award ;)

Ooh just received this lovely award from Vicki Am chuffed to little mint balls. Now to pass it on - Firstly it must be back to Vicki who's blog I only recently discovered and apart from loving her work, I discovered she can actually make more mess than me when crafting hehehehehehehe. So then Vicki, Hels, Tracey, Wilma, Maddy, Summer (for her generosity and fabulous freeby papers), It's a Creative World (for the variety of stuff on their website) and Sarah. Some of these don't know me but I do check out their blogs regularly and love what they do. I know it's only 8 but I don't know that many bloggers that I follow regularly :-/


Wilma said...

thanks anne = much appreciated:)

Hels said...

Aw bless you hunny, that is so kind of you.....loving your ethnic dolls, you are so clever those dolls are perfect xx