Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday Stampers week 60 - Wings

The theme for SS this week is wings. I've done something a bit different - trying to be a little more creative :-} I painted a lolly-ice (well that's what we call them in Liverpool!) stick with acrylic paint, added a bit of silver transfer foil [though it's not showing up very well and it looks black in places - looks like the stamping has a black line through the middle :( ] and stamped with black Versafine. I've used friendly plastic for the hair but it's so old it was very brittle and didn't behave very well when I heated it and tried to manipulate it. The wings are German scrap and think I got them from Artchix I used wire for the skirt. I've uploaded the 2 pics 'cos the one with the creamy background shows the foil better but the colour isn't correct - she has a silver face


Wilma said...

yoweeeee Anne - that is absolutely fantastic - i would never have the patience to do something like that, you were making excuses for it all through your post, but you shouldnt have - its fabulous and very artistic- :):) x

Anonymous said...

She looks fabulous Anne! xx

Juls~ said...

Hi Anne!

I just noticed your comment on my TresJoliHome blog! I've used 3 free blog background websites: cutest blog on the block, hotbliggityblog, paisleyscraps, iktipulli ... not sure if I spelled that one right. Looks like you found a cute one for yourself! Darling!!

Sorry it took me so long to respond.



Hels said...

OMG!!! WOW WOW WOW .. I am sooo sorry that I missed that you had joined in with this particular week hun...please accept my apologies for being so late in visiting and thank you for reminding me...I totally adore your lolly stick...we call them that too in Leeds :O)) I love everything about the design..tis just perfect and using the theme so differently! Love it! Did I say that I think you are very talented? Tink I may have mentioned it a couple of times before!!!! LOL Take care hunny and thank you again, ever so much, for joining inand supporting the Sunday Stamper...hugs xxx