Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ooh I haven't blogged for ages!!

I have been busy though ;) Some of the things I've made recently I'll hopefully be able to post next week as 2 of them are winging their way to friends. I've also been to Lake Garda recently and will upload some piccies at a later date. For now though I'm posting some recent cards and a felt peg-bag. I bought some pieces of merino wool - already knitted but cut up pieces from a fab fabric shop in Dewsbury I felted them in the washing machine and made up the bag, I also used some of the wool for the flowers which I felted onto the bag using my needle felting machine
The beauty of this machine is that you can make things without sewing - for those who 'can't ' sew. I did stitch the orange piece of felt to the blue, but the back seam was made just using the felting machine. I did this 'cos I couldn't be bothered getting the sewing machine out again after felting the flowers on LOL

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Hels said...

You make it all sound so easy...I wish I was adept with a needle and thread let alone all these wonderful things that you make...truly talented hunxx