Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunday Stampers - The Holly + the Ivy

I've finally done my entry for the Sunday Stampers over on Hels' blog I couldn't decide what to do as I only have one reasonable holly stamp but as I'd cut out some holly on the Robo I decided to use that and use Tim's reindeer for the stamped bit. I did have some green holly - there's a novel idea LOL - but didn't like it with this card so used the shiny holly - can't think what you call that paper :-/ Ooh now I've uploaded it the colour looks a bit funny, the background paper is bluey-grey not pinky, but I'm going to leave it!


Hels said...

Gorgeous card, loving those colours...thanks for joinin in hun xx

Anonymous said...

A lovely sparkly card Anne! xx

Dolores said...

What a pretty card. Love the deer.