Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog Award Day - mine that is! And Bird

Firstly just want to show a piccy of the bird I made for Julia to celebrate WOYWW's 1st anniversary.  Julia's showing it on her blog, but just in case I get some visitors that don't pop over there ;-)
Just to say, the muck on the verandah is due to DD's dog digging up and eating my one and only cauliflower (I had it in a large plant pot) that I'd been nurturing for weeks :-(  I do have some others that still need planting out but one of the reasons I didn't put some in a patch of the garden was so he wouldn't dig them up!

I've received several blog awards recently so decided to post them altogether
The first one I received twice - here are the rules:-

1 Express gratitude to the blogger who bestowed the award unto you... Copious,grovelling …I am not worthy… gratitudes - ok, here goes I 'm not worthy to lick the boots of Lyn and Kay (thankfully I'm not that worthy!)
2 Display the picture on your blog proudly.

3 Be nice and provide a link to the person/s who gave it to you.

a) Lyn - Who is a wonderfully talented artist and also kindly gives freebies of some of her art, also friendly and very funny ;-)

b) Kay   Another blogger with a great sense of humour, very friendly and makes wonderful art stuff - just read her porfile to see how she named her blog, always makes me smile when I think about it :-)
4 Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth, or switch it around and tell six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie.

5 Nominate seven creative writers who might be into doing this

1/ While on holiday in Cuba a few years ago I whiled away one evening drinking Mohitos and swapping funny stories with Fidel Castro; what a blast!

2/ I once dug up a dead donkey

3/ I'm a natural blonde but like to dye my roots a mix of brown and grey just to keep people guessing.

4/ I went jet-skiing and quad-biking on holiday in Tunisia

5/ I won a knobbly knees contest at Butlin's many years ago

6/ I can do up to 4 back-flips in a row

I'm passing this award on to:

Pat -
Heidi -
Maddy -
Linda -
Wilma -
Bee -

This Award I received from Bee 

The rules are that I have to tell you 10 facts about myself

1 I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and 2 beautiful children
2 I love crafting and all it entails
3 I love books but when it comes to reading I can't resist a bargain and love to find books for £2 or less :-)
4 I love dancing and currently go to linedancing and tap dancing 
5 I'm a bit of a slut when it comes to housework! (I do do some of course but as little as possible)
6 Not sure if this counts as fact, but if I win the lottery I'm going to buy myself a canal boat ;-)
7 I've got a pair of quad roller skates which I had every intention of using when I bought them but don't know how to stop :-/ (I wish there was somewhere to go that wasn't full of kids so I could practice without feeling self-concious - and never mind knee and elbow pads, how about something to protect the hips LOL)
8 One of my best holidays was to Cuba about 4 years ago
9 I love cake
10 I will be 64 next month (argh! I dont mind saying it but seeing it written it sounds old and I'm not)

I'm passing this award on to:

I was going to do all the awards here but need to get off the PC for a bit so will do the other one over the weekend.


Linda Elbourne said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me Anne ... I am completely rubbish at passing these awards on ... but I will do my best ... Thank you again ... very very very much X

Linda Elbourne said...

I forgot to say ... that is one fabulous birdy!

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Anne
congrats on your awards.
Love the Bird great detail and just love the colour, have a great weekend.
Christine x

Wilma said...

Oh cripes! for want of a better expression - that will take me ages to do - I am such a good girl i Never lie!! - I love the bird though but am i telling the truth- course i am xx

Angie said...

That bird is amazing ...I know JD will give it a good home are so talented with fabric things.xx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Congratulations on your award. Your bird is fantastic and I bet Julia is very pleased, I would be. Thank you so much with the info regarding the code I need to leave my project on Hels site and say 'here'. That was really kind of you, THANKS x x Tracy Evans x

Linby said...

congrats on your awards Anne. Love the birdy - you are clever. Quad roller skates!!! do find out how to stop before you use them and get some padding LOL!

Paula Gale said...

your bird is well fit!!! ( I watched Ali G last night and couldn't resist saying that)LOL

You are so talented at those kind of things Anne - well done...

Some revealing facts about your good self - WRT rollerscates - I had some with 4 wheels on when I was younger, fell over laughing at someone's misfortune (they'd just fallen over too) and landed on my hand breaking my little finger... I was 13 at the time.

I'd come and practice with you but not for a few months yet... you should go to your local roller disco...

thanks for a great post

Paula x x x

Spyder said...

Fabulous! I have no idea why, imaging you digging up a dead monkey just made me laugh !!

links??? That little purple banner under my followers? Why don't you paste and copy the banner from my blog, (Or anyone who has it) and put that on your side bar, because you can't show people in a comment because it thinks you are trying to put a link in...
I really find the links hard!! and HAVE to have it on my blog andon my wall and taped to my laptop so I don't forget it!!


Spyder said...

ps...the truth lie one my blog??? The clown one, that was true!

flutterbycrafter said...

Wow, that bird is amazing. I'm thrilled that you've given me this award, it's very kind of you. I'll put it on my blog as soon as I get home after the weekend. Thanks Anne, much appreciated.

Bee said...

I'm going for number 4 - as for mine, well the one about my wedding was true. The one you picked had the wrong animal in it - my brother has the Freedom of the CIty of London and is allowed to drive his sheep not his cattle over London Bridge - now all he needs are some sheep.

patcrafts said...

What a fantastic bird Anne, you are so clever.
I bet Julia loves him/her.
Congrats on your awards and thanks for passing on to me but I am not very good at transfering to my blog so don't be surprised if you don't see it.
Pat xx

Chrissie said...

That bird is just something else Anne, I love it! What a clever piece of artwork!
I loved reading all the facts about you... particularly the 'true' ones from the first award!