Saturday, January 15, 2011

Canvas board, awards and clarinet

This is another one of those small canvas boards I got from The Works.  A different look for this one.  I've used the Tim H cage and bird die with Claudine Hellmuths' sticky back canvas but for this particualr project I think I would've preferred a thicker canvas or thick card. Again I've used a Crafters' Workshop stencil with gel medium to create some texture.

Now onto awards.  I've been very remiss as the delightful Lyn, aka Spyder, gave me an award - One Lovely Blog - quite some time ago (November actually) but I'm only now just acknowledging it - publicly anyway 'cos I have already thanked Lyn for this; however I don't feel toooo bad as Lyn herself confessed to being rubbish when it comes to awards.  With this particular award I'm supposed to pass it on to "15x2" according to Lyn which seems a bit strange but who am I to question that!  Not sure I'll have 30 people to pass it on to :-/  But I'll come back to that.

The other one is from the equally delightful Donna, aka Doings of Doone - Stylish Blogger Award.  This one is to be passed onto 4 others and I have to list 8 things about myself that you do not know.  Not sure I have 8 interesting things you may like to hear but I'll try

I'm passing this award onto
8 things about me.
1. I've just taken up the clarinet (had a few lessons about 10 years ago but for less than a year)
2. I taught line dancing for 4 years
3. I also taught keep fit for a short time
4. This is one of my all time fave songs I absolutely love it. (this version as opposed to The Cranberries version) If you listen it may tell you a bit more about the real me; do you think?  I especially love the instrumental bit after the first few bars of  lyrics.
5. I'm leaving my body to medical science - to the University of Liverpool to be exact (apparently there's a shortage of cadavres for doctors to practice on)
6. I used to have a little kind of 'pendant' on the end of my uvula (the dangly bit at the back of the throat) but it disappeared after a visit to the dentist some years ago - must have had an extremely strong suction thingy.  It was only attached by a very thin piece of 'membrane'? so didn't bleed or anything.  THIS IT TRUE!
7. My first crush was Pernell Roberts from Bonanza
8. I've never been first in anything in my life (though I was nearly the first person to get 100% in a first aid course when I was a Civil Servant, but nearly is not good enough! Think I got about 97% or summat like that)

My clarinet


Linby said...

Very interesting post, especially the rave music! so are you going to be the next Acker Bilk??
Love this canvas Anne, the colours are lovely.

Micki said...

I love that project that you did!

patcrafts said...

I love this canvas the colours and raised effect using gel medium are superb.
Very interesting 8 points. Thanks for the award, I am assuming it is me, I maybe assuming too much.
Hugs Pat xx

thekathrynwheel said...

First of all, I love your canvas - the colours are beautiful.
And thank you muchly for the award - I'm truly honoured :-))
Kate x

Crafty Chris said...

A woman of many talents I always thought that, cant believe you are leaving your body to science what does the kids think????
I just love this if you where selling it I would buy it its truly gorgeous, I love things with texture and the colours are fabulous, enjoy the rest of your weekend
Chris x

Anonymous said...
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She said...

Love this canvas Anne. Good luck with the Clarinet! S x

Anonymous said...
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Hels Sheridan said...

BEEAUTIFUL canvas Anne... and... it has texture on it (wink wink... SS today!!) THANKYOU for the award... I am still shuddering at the uvula thing... I was once so sick that mine trebled in size and I couldn't swallow!! Yak, makes me cringe! Good luck with the Clarinet.. tis a lovely instrument xx

Anonymous said...
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maddy hill said...

loved reading the about yous Anne !
thanks for thinking of me in the award ...xx
love maddy x

Gez said...

Gorgeous canvas Anne. Love your choice of colours. :) Ooo have fun with your clarinet. Lovely reading about you. Have a great day. Gez.xx