Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mouse pincushion and a sneaky peek

At the doll group yesterday (we meet monthly in York) we had a choice of making either a mouse pincushion or one with a row of owls.  I made the mouse and here she is.

I've also done a double page in Ann's circle journal but just showing a sneaky peek till it's been returned to her.  The journal is 5.75x8.25 inches.  This bit is roughly 1.5x3.5 inches.  The dark bit is actually transfer foil but the shine doesn't show here.
I said a few days ago that I'd put comment moderation on as I'd had quite a few adverts and some strange comments.  I say strange 'cos when you read them they seem to be proper sentences but don't make any sense at all - anyone else had those and can anyone explain them.  I was very surprised to notice just how many spam comments there were in the spam folder - I never knew where the spam was before I'd never noticed it and when I read some there were several variations on the nonsense ones, same vein similar sentiments if you will but different words.  Can anyone tell me how some of these work though as 'cos some seem to be just advertising but buried in old posts.  Why put them in old posts?  If they were viruses surely they'd infect your PC once they've posted them not just when you publish them :-/


Crafty Chris said...

Hi Ann Ahhhhh love the little mouse she is gorgeous, great choice of material, I have found that you have to take a pic side on to see the shine or glitter, and having a nice clear day with the sun out helps as well, I suppose if that was the case we would all be waiting until May/ June.
Chris x

Hels Sheridan said...

~LOVE mousey... she is adorable!!! (Am assuing She cos of the colours LOL) Now, that Spam thingy.. I have been getting an inordinate amount recently so I put my word verif back on and it has slowed down a bit... and the other thing I have done is added Moderation to posts older that 7 days so I can just stick them straight into Spam... it is a pain in the arse though isn't it? I have had one today on the Sunday Stamper... grrrr!!! Hugs hunny xx

patcrafts said...

Love the miss mouse and all the contrasting spotty colours.
I get these spam thingys and adverts but they are usually in my junk mail and I just delete them immediately without opening them. I have not had them on my blog yet!
Pat xx

Cardarian said...

Lovely mouse! Soooo cute! You have just enlightened me about this spam thing - I never knew it exists! But I must admit I never had any weird or bad comments! Maybe I am just lucky! Thank you for your comments and jokes - I always have a laugh!
Lots of hugs

Micki said...

I just love, love, love your mouse! Too cute!

flutterbycrafter said...

Awe, just love the mouse, what are you going to call her...can't wait to see your page in my journal, it's looking good. xx

Linby said...

ooh spotty dotty mouse, I LOVE it.

Cheryl said...

oh hun that mouse is just so cute,brilliant hun gosh you are so talented love it hugs cheryl xxx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh so cute. Loving your work and have just been having a browse. I know just what you mean about funny comments... i think its all just spam.
take care for now and have a great week

Kathleen said...

What a cute mouse, love it.
I have up to present had no problems with spam.
I didn't go out Friday as my Birthday was Sunday, thanks for your lovely card. Didn't go out Sunday either just had Family round.
Kath x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love your darling little mouse. You are SO multi-talented. I can't wait to see the book page, too. You are a tease.

I get several of those spam comments on old posts each week. However, when I check them out, they are not posted or showing. Maybe I have something checked that prevents it, but some do get through. I just delete them and go on my way. I'm not sure where the spam folder is in blogger. Once I have more time, I'll look for it. Thanks for the heads up.

Tracey said...

OHHHHH it's sooo cute Anne, love spots and the colours, only get rubbish in my email, not had it on my blog.
Hope you are ok hun, take care.

Cardarian said...

I gave you an award - claim it from my blog!

Cardarian said...

I gave you an award...claim it from my blog!

Angie said...

LOVE that mouse would the cats if it were sprayed in cat nip lol

Gez said...

Just the cutest mouse I've ever seen!! Love your journal pages..I am lucky enough to have seen them IRL. They are beautiful :) Glad you had a fun time at GMEX..sorry to hear about the trains! Chris is a lovely lady isn't she :)
Hope Blogger is behaving now..xx