Monday, January 31, 2011

Sneaky Peek revealed

The circle journal I had completed a double page in has now been returned so I can show the pages in full.  The tango dancers stamp is from Art Journey as it the Precious Moments.  As I said when I posted the sneaky peek the dark areas are transfer foil and is not black as it shows here.

What's going on with Blogger anyone know?  I clicked on a pic on someone else's blog that I've been visiting for a few years and got a message saying the site was unsafe and now when I clicked on my own pic to enlarge it the same message occurred :-/ Anyone else experienced this?


Crafty Chris said...

OMG I clicked on yours and I got the same message, beautiful pages Anne, everyone has came by has commented on your hanger you sent, they thought it was gorgeous I have it up in the living room,
Chris x

Cardarian said...

Hi Anne!

I am not experiencing any problems with blogger but there is always something going on - the other day I didn't see any of my followers and the 2 days later they allreappeared!
Love your journal page! I saw that dancer stamp in the craft stamper and wanted to order it but then forgot - I think I will do that now!
Have a lovely day and pick up your award!
Lots of hugs,

Julia Dunnit said...

Beeeeeyooootiful Anne, gorgeous so glad to see it in full...somehow that colour is perfect for dance. Blogger OK for me, your ppic perfectly enlarged...I did have the very same prob trying to access my own blog some time back....I followed some instructions in blogger help and it went away; I'm useless to the point of uselessness though, I cannot remember what I was about verifying. But to get into my blog so that I could actually do it, I had to click on the part of the security message that says 'I want to go ahead even though I might die trying' - you know the one. Helpful, huh.

patcrafts said...

Pages look good but even better in real life. The owner of the circle journal hasn't seen it yet as I have sent it to someone else to complete a page, sorry.
Hope you sort blogger out.
Pat xx

Linby said...

Fab pages Anne. Blogger is ok for me at the moment, and I didn't get a message when I clicked on your blog photos.

flutterbycrafter said...

Wow, just love what you've done with these pages, love the images and colours. Hope this comment manages to post this time! xx

Tracey said...

Gorgeous pages Anne, love the colours.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I know I'm late getting here and I didn't even see the Sunday Stamper entry till just this morning. Like you, I love tyvek. So many possibilities for its use. I like to make angel/fairy wings out of it. They simply flutter around on the piece.

I love these two pieces. The backgrounds remind me of my own, except I've never owned or even seen transfer foil in person. The "dots" on the right remind me of braille. I especially like the raised area on the upper left made from a stencil. It conveys so much movement. Very, very well done!

Kathleen said...

Well I closed down Sunday night and went on Monday morning.... nothing until this lunch time when my Son-in-Law came to sort me out. What do you expect... it's a male thing.

Great work, lovely colours, not really my thing but I can appreciate talent.
Wonder if I will bump into you tomorrow at Manchester!
Kath x

Angie said...

These are beautiful what you are doing at the moment ... yes I've had some funny days with blogger too