Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Stampers 91 - Love

Yippee I've managed to do my entry ealry for the Sunday Stampers challenge - pop over to Hels place to find out more.  I've said it before but I'll say it again, I love this challenge 'cos it's so open.  You can do anything you like so long as you include some stamping, even just a tiny bit :)  The theme this week is 'Love'.  I've used another canvas - that's 3 in 3 weeks :o) I ended up doing a lot of faffing - you know how it goes when what you first do doesn't quite work and what you do next and again a 3rd time, doesn't quite work!!!  So the finished canvas has been painted with Lumiere metallic paints by Jacquard and a little mica powder brushed over.  I've used a text stamp (and if you're wondering where the 'Love' is it does say in there 'L'amour' hehe, and a stamp by Lavinia.  I don't know who the text stamp is by as it was in a grab bag containing 5 large text stamps and 1 medium text stamp and was very good value.  I made the hearts using Opaque metallic red embossing powder (not UTE), which developed white bits the longer it was heated, but I like that effect.  I don't have a 'Melt Pot' I use a very cheap non-stick frying pan for melting embossing powder generally, but this time I used the foil cake case from a custard tart, so I didn't need to use too much powder, I put the foil case in the pan - I bought a pack of 2 custard tarts specially to get the foil cake cases - really! LOL 
Thank you for looking ;)


Linby said...

so delicate and yet bold - really lovely

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that's fab. Almost as fab as buying cakes and tarts as an excuse to use the packaging. I feel a shopping necessity coming on!!

Hels Sheridan said...

Totally gorgeous art hun, thanks for joining in with the challenge x

Crafty Chris said...

This looks very arty I love it and the little hearts, well done Kelly for getting the photo right.
Chris x