Friday, February 26, 2010

Further to the internet problem

Further to the internet problems I mentioned on Wednesday I just clicked the home page icon which usually brings up the Google search engine but instead Yahoo appeared.  I changed my home page back to Google in Intenet Options and got the 'Internet cannot display the page' message I've been getting so often and not being able to retain my internet connection, so changed back to Yahoo and that worked fine - very strange!  I'm not happy about that 'cos I didn't set it to Yahoo but I'll leave it and see if that solves the problem  :-/


Julia Dunnit said...

Gawd,how odd! I have no understandng, but I'll run this past Miss Dunnit, she was incredible when I had a blip last night!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I don't know if it'll work but I've downloaded Malwarebytes and Ccleaner run both and also installed Google Chrome as my hopepage. So I'll wait and see :)
Anne x