Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wednesday already!  So time for WOYWW.  To find out more pop over to Julia's blog it's all good fun.  My desk is tidy today as I'm getting ready to do some sewing this week; I'll be using the kitchen table for that.   Most of the stuff on there today, lives there.  If you popped over last week you may remember a wire fram for a chair I was going to make for my birdie, but it wasn't suitable.  However I decided I'd continue with the chair as I'm sure I'll make a doll at some point to sit on it.  The thing with the pink fabric is said chair.  Come one, join in with WOYWW, don't be shy ;)


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that chair is gorgeous..that ovely whimsical style again really have it. Whatcha sewing then?

Chrissie said...

Immaculate! Impressive!
Hope your headache gets better!

Wipso said...

Sewing.....oh come on show and tell please.
A x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Anne
Nice tidy space this week
Chris x

Micki said...

You are a really organized person!

Paula Gale said...

Oh Anne - just read your comment over at Julia's - hope your headache is better.

Yes your desk looks very tidy but I know that you'll be creating loads soon so I'll add myself as a follower so I can keep up to date with your stuff instead of just on a wednesday. Also - thank you for the kind words you often leave on my blog. So lovely of you.


Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

Very impressive, love the whimsical chair. Hope you headache gets better.


Spyder said...

oh wow..lovely shelves and soooo tidy!!

Pam said...

Very Very tidy today Anne.Hope your headache has gone soon Pam x

Ann said...

Hi Anne - Hope your headache is gone by now!! Very tidy desk, with lots of interesting bits & bobs, I love the chair & look forward to seeing the doll when you've completed it!!
Take care, Ann xx

Chris H said...

Very tidy indeed! Well done.

Wipso said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog. You will be pleased to hear all that sewing was done yesterday which was just as well cos I now have yet another evening dress [with 3 skirt layers!] needing shortening for Friday and 2 denim skirts to shorten and a Wedding dress to alter :-) There is never a dull day at Sewing by Annie's :-)
Chat soon.
A x

Hels said...

Very neat desk that pinky stuff... I can see a Flamingo in that perhaps? hugs x

Tracey said...

Ummmm, did you tidy up specially! ROFL, your crafty space is looking fab, your over the desk pigeon holey type storage is fab could do with one of them meself. Hope your headache is better, got one too, but thats because the sun is streaming through the window, really need a blind, not that I'm complaining about the sunny weather!