Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's time for the WOYWWers lead by the lovely Julia to show what's on their desks.  Some are tidy some less so, mine is less so this week - in fact it's a shambles ;) But first I need some help.  I've been having probs with PC keep getting kicked off internet and can't get back on without rebooting :-/  Been going on more than a week, ran a restore on PC  to no avail.  So am now using Mozilla Firefox and it also kick me out a few days ago but yesterday was ok.  However I'm not sure whether I get kicked out when I leave blogger running for a while without doing anything 'cos yesterday I'd logged out and didn't get kicked off.  But it's difficult to say how long I'm usually connected to the internet before getting kicked off so being logged into blogger or not may not make a difference -just trying to give as much info as poss in the hope someone may be able to help.  Also I thought I'd be able to logon to internet directly from the Firefox link but have to still use my old connection - do I still have to go through that as it's my ISP?  though once connected Firefox is the browser.  Can anyone help? Please :)
Back to the desk, you can see my dots stamp from  The Artistic Stamper, the Robo carrier sheet, some die-cuts from the Robo (the flowers are for a friend who has joined a cardmaking group run by the U3A), on the left in front are the tags I did for the Sunday Stampers; posted below; and general mess including a little glass jar which contained licqourice comfits which I finished off yesterday :) - a Christmas stocking filler from DD.  I must get dressed before going to visit other WOYWWers, what would they think LOL - not naked, I do have jimjams on!!  But if Tesco are talking about banning people from shopping in their night attire you never know hehe.


Julia Dunnit said...

Laugh Anne..I can't see a picture ! And double Laugh; I love the idea of WOYWWing dressed or otherwise!

Linda Elbourne said...

Fab post hun X Mozilla Firefox keeps kicking me out too .... something to do with the upgrade ... nothing to do with blogger apparently ... but ver ver annoying all the same X

Wipso said...

Sorry I'm not an expert so can't help with your internet prob. I really love your PJs :-) didn't you know we can all see them then? ;-)
A x

Twiglet said...

Like cars, computers are great when they are working well - wish I could help but I am only an expert with a sewing machine!!

Julia Dunnit said...

O h matey I sure share your computer frustration but am absolutely powerless to help you, I'm not sure I evenunderstand the problem. What a fool I am. Your desk meantime, has been a very intersting browse....apart from being emptied yesterday, got a plan for the jar?

Spyder said...

I'm on FireFox, Internet Explorer is so slow. Some times it suddenly shuts down... certain sites seem to make it go ga-ga!! You room is messy this week!! Love all that stuff!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Anne - love all the happenings on your desk - what would we do without our cutting machines - I have silhouette which is basically a robo!!
Re your PC problems - my sis has been having the same issue but doesn't use firefox. Have you tried resetting your modem/router - I'd certainly give that a try. I use firefox and always connect through that - i didn't install the AOL software - no reason, just didn't feel the need to. Give the modem a try by switching it all off completely leave for a min then let it all set itself back up. Obviously don't do this if you can't remember the password for your pc to pick up the wireless connection!

you asked for my e-mail address - pmgale (at) tesco (dot) net

i've put like this incase some software over the airwaves picks up the e-mail address.

Paula x x x

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Your desk looks very busy!!

The Gadget Show is a program on ch5 which shows you all the latest gadgets like ipods phones toys etc. Now it will also have knitting!!

Susie Sugar said...

Hello Anne great desk this week very full looks like you have been really busy
I love those tags you made in the post below very very much
I'm fading fast now and haven't done dinner yet, I'm so tide but had to give the regular girls a quick visit before I snooze
Hugs Susie xx

SueH said...

Sorry I can’t help with the computer problem Anne, if anything goes wrong with mine I have to wait until the weekend when my brother comes over and get him to fix it for me.

The desk is looking um ‘interesting’ to say the least today but I’m in shock that still had sweeties for Christmas left up until yesterday. Mine are usually long gone before the New Year!

I recognise that dotty stamp and the Anna Griffin box, I have them too somewhere in one of my many drawers.

Thanks for stopping by.
PS. The stitching on the Afghan was quite easy as it goes. You stitch over two threads the same as with Evenweave but it’s simpler because the weave is loose and much easier to see.

Linby said...

ooh you've got a BIG dotty stamp - you can do it all in one go lovely!
As for your pc, do you mean it kicks you out or does it say not responding? if it is the latter then go to internet tools and delete all your browsing history.

Chris H said...

Sorry no idea re: your computer issues! When mine plays up my son fixes it!
Your desk looks like a bomb site... but busy and happy!

Pam said...

Sorry I do work for the British Computer Society but thats about as far as my skills go! By the looks of your desk you have been very busy! Hugs Pam

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne
I wonder what would happen if you didn't visit Blogger while you were on the net? Could be some incompatibility problem. Have you tried other browsers too?

love your tags on the earlier post and it's nice to see your desk looking a mess again.... means you're back in business!


Chrissie said...

My laptop drops internet connection fairly frequently. I'm not sure what the prob is, but sometimes I have to restart, sometimes I have to switch off the router for a few seconds. I haven't a clue why it does it.
I had to start using Firefox as IE wasn't displaying all the pictures on loads of blogs.
Then Firefox started playing silly kids and I'm now using Safari. That won't let me arrange gadgets where I want them on my sidebar, so I go back to using IE for that.
Basically, I haven't a clue what could be wrong with your machine!!
Many thanks for looking for that Japanese hole punch, it was a lovely thought. I'll have to investigate further!

Tracey said...

Now that's a better looking desk this week lol. Work on a pc all day but just press the buttons as you know am pants with technical stuff. Hope it sorts itself out. I have the big dotty stamp too.
Hugs x

Crafty Chris said...

Just popped back to see if the photo was here, and it is definetly looks like you have been busy, you will be wanting to push back a bit for your next project,
Christine x

patcrafts said...

I know nuthin about computers but I do know Ossett W Yorks, I live in Thornhill just down the road. If you want to make contact here's my e-mail addy
I have just ordered the self same stamp from Artistic Stamper, anyway your desk shows you are or have been working hard. Pat xx

Angie said...

Sorry no good with problems ...just put head in hand and yell for DD.
Love your tags having a go at one today .... not done many before. My area today makes yours look tidy. LOL