Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mums ;)  Though my mother died when I was in my forties she was only really my mother for the first 81/2 years of my life.  I was fortunate in that my big sis took over the role when I was 15, not just for myself but also for my youngest sister and my brother. Can you imagine that; at 24 she not only had 2 of her own children but also 3 teenagers to look after! Amazing!  I'm a very lucky mum now 'cos though I've only got 2 children I've actually got 5 cards for Mothers Day, yippee!  I've got one each from the 2 sets of grandkids and also one for 'mother-in-law' from DDs' OH; I think that speaks volumes :) and the usuall choccies - far too many, but I couldn't possibly give them away now could I?!  I'll just have to munch my way through them.  I got a few other little gifts too.

Yesterday I did 180 miles round trip! I went to see DS and two lovely granddaughters, and after dropping them off I went to visit one of my nephews who is quite poorly in hospital and as my great-niece lives only a few minutes from the hospital I thought I'd pay a visit. She had a little boy 4 weeks ago so I got to hold the newest member of the family - my great-great-nephew.  eek! makes me sound ancient LOL I didn't think to take a photo but pinched this off Facebook ;) My greatniece had ordered pizza and garlic bread before I arrived and asked if I'd like some.  As I'd only had a plate of chips (at Playtown in Southport) and a Mars bar I said yes please.  She handed me a plate with 2 slices of pizza then added as an afterthought, 'you're not vegetarian are you'? Just as well I'm not considering she'd just handed me some 'meat feast' pizza hehe.  So not a healthy diet yesterday!
Hope you all have a lovely day ;) xx


Crafty Chris said...

Hi Anne
Hope you are having a nice day scoffing all those chocs, that was a handful for your sis, unfortunately this happens,
your GGNephew is gorgeous,
Christine x

Spookys Crafty Mess said...

what a busy day Anne, and what a beauty of a GGneph you may have had a busy day but a one filled with many treasured memories I think,and I think those cals would have soon been burnt off. Glad yr having a great Mums day, you do lots for your family and I think you deserve a Great Day today. hugs Bxx

Linda Elbourne said...

There is far too many choccies there for one ... I am wishing I had shared my mini eggs now :0) Have a great day sweetie and yes it does speak volumes X

patcrafts said...

Your GGnephew is absolutely gorgeous.Your big sis deserves a medal. Hope you enjoyed your chocs and had a great Mother's Day.
Pat x

Spyder said...

aw luck y you!! My one and only grandson is sooooooo far away in a place called Muddy Creek, think it's Money Creek!

Gez said...

awe, what a gorgeous great-great nephew you have. Sounds like you had a busy day. :)