Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WOYWW 3rd March

Where does the time go! March already eek.
I used to work with a girl called Sheila Tickle, whose grandmother's name was Theresa, but was known as Tess.  Come on keep up - did  you get it?  'Tis true though ;)  Just thought I'd share that with you LOL
Back to the more serious business of 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday'.  If you want to know more, pop over to the lovely Julia's blog and then join in if you dare.  On mine this week is an old first aid box that was a nasty shade of dark green which I'm going to tart up.  i've given it a coat of gesso and one coat of white acrylic paint so far; think it's going to need another 2.  There is also the makings of a card for Susie + Vikki's Christmas Club.  If you want to get a head start on you Christmas cards this year pop over to the CC Also on show is my as yet unopened new magnetic cutting mat and accoutrments from We R Memory Makers.  The light blue thing (under the quad bike piccy) is the back cover to go with the front cover on the previous post.
If anyone pops over here who didn't last week then read on - I am having internet problems, keep losing connection but have to reboot each time!  I've run Ccleaner and Malwarebytes and changed my browser to no avail - any help would be most appreciated :)


Pretty-In-Ink said...

Tess Tickle!! LOL!!
I hope you get your computer sorted Anne! I'm having the same trouble! It suddenly freezes then says blank internet page and I can't do anything but unplug it and start again! It's very frustrating!

Spyder said...

I was thinking your computer might just be getting too hot, if it's old and dusty! My daughter's laptop was doing that, just stopping and shutting down, me not being good with a duster...hubby took it apart and carefully cleaned out all the fluff and it's okay now!! Lots going on this week!! I had a guessing game last week and I'm glad to say a few joined in, and noticed my cat book was very similar to your table cover!! I'm sure you spyed it, thanks for not letting on!!

Spyder said...

Ps...I forgot to say...I once knew two people called Theresa Green and her friend was called Theresa Dribble...we called them the two T's

Wipso said...

Hi Anne, thanks for popping over to my blog. I used to be a nurse and midwife[ delivered 150 babies!] in a former life but then childminded 35 children while my family were growing up. When I decided enough was enough and my family were independant of me I needed a new challenge and retrained as a thing I ever did :-)
A x

Paula Gale said...

LMAO - I actually laughed out loud at your opening line!!!

Before I read on, I thought - "that box looks like my first aid box, wonder if she's 'repurposing' it" - that's an exact quote from my head!!! tee hee.

Poor you with your poorly PC. Anne - all I can say is get a new one... you're only here once, better die happy and poor that rich and miserable (not that you are but you must be feeling a bit miserable with those pc probs)!!!

Been thinking about joining in the Christmas Club and think its a great idea!! I'll remember to update you on the Transvestite saga at some point too!!!

Paula x x x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Anne
How's you, busy I see, I have the same green FAB, like to see a better pic of the purple and orange thingy, just me being nosey, took a couple of mins but I got the Tess tickle, good one, my hubby thought I had lost the plot laughing at the computer, old ones are the best.
Christine x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Anne
Thanks for the link I got carried away there,there is a few different ones, what do you think of yours and was it expensive, my sis and bil is coming and I havent finished tiding, and I havent even got over to Paula's yet, its a mad wednesday.
Christine x

Thistleblue said...

Hi Anne, this is Michelle, i came across your blog through ssusie and Vikki's Christmas club. I saw the other day you were having problems with your internet connection, so i mentioned to my hubby. As your still having probs today i hope we can help. He has a few questions for you

Do you connect to the internet using a router or a modem?
Who is your ISP?
When you say it kicks you off the internet, what does it actually do? Is there an error message or does the screen go blank or do web pages just not load?
If you want you can drop me an email to
shelbert75 at gmail dot com with the answers to these questions and we'll try to find out what the problem is (though we may have to ask you a bunch more questions too).


Yvonne said...

Oh no ... what a nightmare.. been having loads of problems myself,in the end I took it to be all re done seems to have sorted it thogh.
Desk looking rather busy I must say.. just to get and take a seat and get my fingers working!

Handmade with Love said...

I like the sound of the magenetic cutting mat and accoutrments, sounds very interesting! Good luck with your computer, we had to get someone in to fix ours so I am no help what so ever im afraid! Tracey x

Linby said...

Tess Tickle, had to say that outloud to get it LOL! So sorry to hear you are still have PC problems what a pain. Good thing you've got crafting to keep you calm because if you are like me I could put a brick through it when it plays up!!

Hels Sheridan said...

LMAO Anne....that made me for the t'internet...have you tried Adware? I had a spammy git leave me a nasty on my blog...and it wormed its way in so the Adware caught it and booted it off...let me know if it helps x

Julia Dunnit said...

My aunt lives next to Graham Tickle - all his life he to ohas been called Tess! Poor chap. Your card for the challenge is going to be lovely - not a ginormous head or a faceless one either! Am really interested in the first aid box results...did you have to aggressively sand the plastic before it would hold paint?

Tonya said...

Very humorous. Nice work area.

Linda Elbourne said...

I never got past the Tess Tickle part ... I am still laughing and can hardly type ... it took about an hour but the endurance paid out XXX

Susie Sugar said...

You are just so darn controlled no mess at all where do you hide it !! lol

Tracey said...

Did you have a spend on the last Craft Day Anne. Nearly spilt my tea too - Tess Tickle he he.

Micki said...

Hope your computer problems sort out. We just went through that too.

Anonymous said...
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